As the leading EV manufacturer in India, Tata Motors has recently unveiled its new concept version of an electric car in India.

This car has been christened as Avinya, which means innovation in the Sanskrit language. The looks of Avinya are very appealing.

 It will be based on Tata's Gen 3 pure electric vehicle architecture. The upcoming Avinya SUV will also be based on the same platform.

In addition to the concept car, Tata has recently unveiled a prototype e-SUV called the Curvv coupe.

The Gen3 platform was designed specifically for EVs, allowing the manufacturer to make maximum use of the interior space.

The company has promised a range of 500 km with EVs built on this platform, which will also support advanced driver assistance systems and connected car technology.

The Avinya will be a battery-powered electric vehicle with a high ground clearance, making it suitable for urban use.

The company has developed an end-to-end charging solution to ensure that its customers have easy access to charging stations.

The company has already introduced the Tata Punch electric vehicle in the domestic market, and buyers have been delighted with the car.

The upcoming tata electric cars in India will offer multiple range options. This could be the case for all EVs, but the lower range option could be on the smaller models.

The upcoming Tata Sierra EV is expected to provide a 400 km range on a single charge. The automaker will also release petrol-powered versions of the model before it launches its EV version.

Both of these electric cars will use a very advanced common ALFA-ARC platform and the IMPACT 2.0 design system. 

While the entry-level Nexon EV is designed for lower-middle-class buyers, it is still very affordable and has an impressive real-world driving range of 200 kilometers.

The shortage in semiconductors caused a big hit to Tata Motors. Without this shortage, the automaker would have been able to sell a wider variety of EVs in India.

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