The first Indian hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai sedan gets registered in Kerala. The car is part of an MoU that was signed by iCAT (International Center of Automotive Technology) and Toyota

Since the Toyota Mirai is a fuel electric vehicle, the car was fitted with a green number plate in place of a regular White number plate.

Although this Toyota Mirai costs more than one crore rupees, however, it has been exempted from having to pay any tax since the vehicle will be used for research.

it's an excellent initiative from the Government of India considering our dependence on fossil fuels.

The pilot project run through the iCAT (International Center for Automotive Technology) will utilize the second-generation Toyota Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV)

In contrast to battery-powered vehicles like Tesla the electric fuel cell vehicles can be refueled similar to conventional vehicles by adding hydrogen to the tank.

benefit of hydrogen fuel is the method of production, as it can be made by using renewable energy sources, making it much more environmentally sustainable than any alternative fuel source.

This configuration, together with this setup and the 1.6kWh battery pack provided the first-generation Toyota Mirai with a range of 502kms

Furthermore, fuel cell electric vehicles are an environmentally friendly method of transport, considering that the power source can be made more sustainable.