Nitin Gadkari said that if Musk comes to the country to manufacture Tesla automobiles here, it will be beneficial to the electric car manufacturer.

The minister also said that in the near future, electric vehicles will be less than petrol cars in the country.

"If Tesla manufactures its electric vehicles in India, Tesla will also benefit," Gadkari said at an event in the city.

"India is a massive market that offers excellent export possibilities too. Musk could export Tesla cars from India," he added.

In the month of February Gadkari stated that Musk must manufacture in India first to start rolling out Tesla vehicles on the roads.

In response to Tesla's request to lower customs duty rates for electric cars, Gadkari said that the nation must not satisfy one single auto company.

Musk was quoted as saying that he had faced opposition from the government over the release of the products of his company in India. 

"Tesla isn't present in India as of yet because of "Challenges from the government" Musk also tweeted.

Musk recently stated that he'd like to start launching cars in India however, the country's import duty for EVs is "highest anywhere in the world by the most".