Svitch MotoCorp, a budding electric two-wheeler maker, has announced its plans to launch a brand new electric motorbike in India.

By August Svitch MotoCorp will begin launching its latest CSR 762 electronic two-wheeler across India.

The company has announced that their CSR 762, the upcoming product, has been tested internally and is in the process of obtaining certification, and is awaiting approval from the authorities.

According to the company, CSR 762's design has been influenced by The Asiatic Lions of Gujarat. The EV motorbike is sleek in style and is extremely contemporary and distinctive.

The latest CSR 762 model is powered by a strong electric motor with 3 kW which can reach a peak of 10 kW.

A permanent magnetic synchronous motor has central drive that draws power from the 3.7 Kilowatt battery pack.

According to Svitch, this E-Bike could have a top speed of 110 km/h as well as a range of 120 kilometers per charge, based on the mode of riding.

There will be six riding options on the e-bike, including reverse parking, sports, and three driving modes.

The electric bike comes with a curb weight of 155 kg and can hold up to 200 kilograms. Its wheelbase measures 1,430 mm. and its seat's height measures 780mm.

The CSR 762 offers an all-around experience for riding on roads that gives a convincing argument that it's certainly a treat for the casual rider.

The speculation is that the company plans for the launch of its CSR 765 electric bike for about the price of 1.25 lakh following the government provides assistance.