Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycle maker in continuous production. Royal Enfield is present in India and in more than 60 countries.

Royal Enfield Electric Bike India

India's electric vehicle revolution has taken root. This means that more Indian automakers are getting on board with the EV.

According to what we heard, Royal Enfield also has plans for electric mobility. In fact, the two-wheeler manufacturer has already made prototypes.

Royal Enfield currently sells bikes from 250cc up to 750cc on both the domestic and international market.

Retro motorcycle manufacturer is looking to expand internationally and is currently working to develop zero-emission vehicles.

Royal Enfield's CEO recently confirmed to a media publication that they were indeed working on electric bikes for future EV movement.

Although he couldn't give any details or even a timeframe for the launch, he said that Royal Enfield was serious about electric bikes.

Although electric mobility was a late bloomer for India, it is now thriving. India will become the leader in the electric vehicle sector in near future.

The company is focusing on the long-term prospects and developing products that make sense in the market.

Royal Enfield isn't in a rush to join the electric vehicle market and will wait until the right moment to do so.

We can expect Royal Enfield to launch their electric bikes very soon. Royal Enfield testing a variety of new ICE models for domestic and international markets.

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