As per a new study, electric vehicles (EVs) market is predicted to be worth 475 billion rupees in 2025.

Ola has recently announced the plans to expand into the market of four-wheelers. Ola is currently in the process of creating an electric vehicle that is for mass-market.

This electric vehicle will come with autonomous technology, which will allow self-driving capabilities.

Ola's first E-Car was confirmed by the CEO Bhavish Aggarwal, who said that the forthcoming EV will be able to serve the majority of the people in India.

Additionally, the CEO also announced that the company had begun testing the upcoming ola autonomous car just over six months ago.

The vehicle in the demonstration had autonomous driving technology, which included two Light Detection and Ranging LIDAR cameras and a video camera and GPS.

While the technology is still at a stage of infancy in terms of its development. The concept vehicle on which future vehicles are likely to be built.

The new electric car is expected to be available for public testing at the end of this year or in the beginning of next year.

Slokart Dash Ola Electric's Head of Strategy and Planning has hinted that the car may be priced at less than 10 lakh.