The Hero Splendor is a well-known motorcycle model. How would you feel if you owned the Hero Splendor bike that was powered by electricity?

 New Hero Splendor Electric Bike

You heard it exactly right. You can ride a Hero Splendor bike powered by electricity. Let's find out how to drive on electricity.

Due to the increasing cost of fuel, the auto aftermarket industry comes up with new solutions to solve the issue.

You've probably seen numerous electric vehicle conversion kits that are available from the aftermarket. This kit for the conversion of Hero Splendor is different from other conversion kits.

It is important to be aware that modifications to vehicles are not permitted in India. The majority of modifications also cause the insurance to become invalid.

This Hero Splendor electric bike convert kit has been RTO certified. This makes it road legal for driving and eligible for incentives as well as insurance claims.

The renowned company, GogoA1 has designed this electric conversion kit for Hero Splendor. GogoA1 has already received an RTO approbation for its parts.

All models of Hero Splendor following 1997 have been approved by the RTO to use this electric conversion kit which is made by GogoA1.

This conversion process is officially approved and the owners can claim insurance after the installation of this conversion kit.

In addition, owners will be issued a green number plate which signifies that they are riding an electric motorbike.

After installation of the GogoA1 kit, the owners will no longer have a requirement for the PUC certificate.

GogoA1 has been expanding its presence in Maharashtra as well as other states through its authorized dealerships opening fast.

You can purchase the kit from their website and then have it set up at an authorized dealer near you.

The costs of the kits for conversion range between Rs 26,760 and Rs 1,00,000. Depending on your requirements.

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