Mahindra 8 New Upcoming Electric SUV

eKUV100 was scheduled to debut at 2022's end. M&M is developing four new EVs that won't be built based on vehicles that are already in use and are scheduled to go on sale between 2025 and 2027.

Mahindra & Mahindra is planning to launch a variety of new SUVs to the Indian market over the next few years, with the goal of becoming the most popular "core SUV" maker in the world in 2025.

Of these Mahindra EVs coming in the near future, four of them will be based on models already in production which include the forthcoming eKUV100 along with the eXUV300.

A motor with a horsepower of 130 bhp powers the eXUV300. It gets power from the 40-kWh battery pack. LG Chem battery cells will be utilized for this electric model called the eXUV300.

There is speculation that its name could be XUV400. In contrast to the XUV300, which is sub-four meters long (ICE version), eXUV300 and XUV400 are approximately 4.2-meters long.

The car is built on the brand's latest "Born Electric" platform, which is expected to launch in the near future.

M&M will reveal three brand new EV concepts in July 2022. They will be built on the Born EV platform. Details about the upcoming electric vehicle concepts remain under the hood.

From some teaser images, it appears that they'll comprise an SUV that is compact as well as a mid-sized SUV and a large coupe-style SUV. The third one is likely to be the rumored XUV900.

In the meantime, Mahindra's next-generation Scorpio is scheduled to go live in India on the 27th of June under the name of 'Scorpio-N'.

This new 'Scorpio-N' will go sold alongside the current-gen Scorpio that will be dubbed "Scorpio Classic".

The new Mahindra XUV300 (ICE version) is scheduled to get a facelift mid-life version by the end of next year.

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