The reduction in taxes for hybrid vehicles could lead to greater the adoption of electric vehicles across the country, as per an official at the top of Honda Cars India Ltd (HCIL).

The automaker pointed out that hybrid tech is ideal for Indian conditions because it does not rely on the external infrastructure for charging.

The total tax rate for hybrid automobiles in the nation is 43 percent which includes GST and batteries electric vehicles are subject to the tax rate of around 5 percent.

Kunal Behl Vice-President of Honda Cars India Ltd stated: "We believe if the government could reduce taxes, then the electric vehicle adoption will be rapid."

Behl pointed out that hybrid vehicles can aid in the transition toward fully electric vehicles as well as aiding in reducing vehicle emissions and fossil energy consumption.

Honda believes that hybrids offer the best solution for India because there is no range anxiety, and there aren't any restrictions on the efficiency of the car either, Behl noted.

The company, which made its first foray into the mainstream hybrid market with its introduction of the Honda City e:HEV.

Honda globally plans to introduce 30 EV models in 2030. This will result in an annual production capacity of over 20 lakh vehicles.

As part of its strategy, Honda Cars India plans to enter the rapidly growing mid-size SUV market next year.