Electricity is the future. To meet this demand, the two-wheeler sector is planning to increase its production capacity to more than 30 million units per annum by 2026.

Before buying an electric scooter in India, there are some things that you need to check. These factors include the cost, battery life, motor power, seat, and reliability.

You can choose an electric scooter that fits your lifestyle and budget. Here's a checklist of the most critical factors.

Motor power: The motor power of the electric vehicle is also essential. The amount of power required by the EV must meet your requirement.

Motor power:  it should be powerful enough to cover your daily commute. The power output of an electric vehicle determines the mechanical efficiency.

Battery life: The lifespan of an electric scooter battery depends on several factors, including the manufacturer. A battery with a lower capacity will degrade faster.

Battery life: Experts recommend charging your scooter's battery after every ride. This practice will keep the battery healthy and extend its life.

Seat: When choosing a scooter, make sure the seat is wide and comfortable. The scooter should have a flat, wide seat so that the rider does not slide forward when braking.

Price: Before buying an electric scooter in India, it is essential to know how much the model will cost. In India, electric scooters are available in two types-  - low-speed and high-speed.

Range: The low-speed ones usually have a range of up to 85 km, while high-speed models are capable of traveling up to 140 km.

Charging:  If you plan on charging your electric scooter while traveling, make sure it supports both third-party chargers and standard wall sockets.

Electric scooters are more affordable than traditional fuel-based bikes and scooters. So, don't wait! Go for electric.

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