Electric mobility has really expanded exponentially in the past few months, particularly in the realm of two-wheelers.

Chinese-based electric vehicle brand, Horwin, has released 2022's edition of their SK3 electric vehicle in the native country.

The main feature of the SK3 E-Scooter is its capacity to provide a complete battery runtime of about 300km.

The first version of the SK3 E-Scooter which debuted the year before was rated with just 80km of range.

Horwin has made changes to its powerhouse. The electric scooter now has the capability of providing an impressive distance of 300 km.

The top speed of the Horwin SK3 is also impressive at 90kmph. The engine that propels it to this speed is a 3.1kW motor, which has 6.3kW horsepower.

It comes with features such as TFT displays with full-color, Bluetooth connectivity, a keyless power system and cruise control.

Braking system comprised consisting of a front disc as well as a rear drum unit, which was assisted by a Combi Braking Systems (CBS).

Apart from China, Horwin sells the SK3 electric scooter in Europe too, but it isn't likely to bring it to India any time soon.