The time of turning traditional motorcycles into electric bikes has come and the aftermarket market is flourishing.

New players are entering the market to create inexpensive conversion kits that can transform nearly any bike you have into an electric bike.

The rising cost of fuel has caused the public to search for alternatives. Motorcycle conversion kits are the best alternative for any bike.

The Honda Shine has been converted into a hybrid electric motorcycle that can be powered by both electric and petrol.

A video on the Internet shows a man converted his own Honda Shine bike into an electric bike using an electric kit.

Its aftermarket converter kit is seamlessly fitted into the bike, with no visible signs of the kit on its body.

The electric motor is integrated into wheel hubs. This is the most typical configuration seen on all EVs.

There is no way to tell from the front that this is an electric bike. The controller and all wires, and equipment are placed beneath the seat.

The distance covered by this bike is really amazing. Once charged, the Honda Shine electric bike can cover a distance of 150 kilometers.

The charge time is about 4 hours. This electrically powered hybrid Honda Shine is capable of running on both power sources.