Two-wheelers powered by the electricity industry are set to expand capacity to a maximum of 30 million units per year in 2026.

As per Honda Motorcycle and Scooter, Honda's electric scooter is expected to be in place by the next financial year.

Honda has already set out big goals in the electric vehicle sector. The company has recently established a new subsidiary that manufactures batteries.

Honda Activa is currently the top-selling scooter in India and it makes sense to Honda to choose the same name for the upcoming electric scooter.

The latest information about Honda's plans to enter the EV market in India was made public through Ms. Atsushi Ogata, the President of Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India.

This makes it easier for customers to get involved with the brand since the brand "Activa" carries USPs for the company.

It isn't yet clear if "Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India" will create a brand new electric scooter specifically for the Indian market

Presently, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India is conducting tests on its Benly electric scooter throughout India.

With the announcement of the Honda "Activa' electric scooter, Honda expects to look ahead to dominating the Indian EV market.

The Honda Activa Electric could debut in mid-2023 and is anticipated to retail at around the price of 1.10 lakh.