For its first-ever time, Harley Davidson officially teased its electric bike with a middleweight design that is the LiveWire S2 Del Mar LE.

Since it is a limited edition model, production will be restricted to 100 units, and exclusive to the US market at present.

It is another electric vehicle, manufactured by the American manufacturer, which is positioned under the top One electric bike which is already in a sale.

The electric beasts are built to order therefore it is likely that the cost will increase in line with the desire to make it customized.

"The S2 Del Mar model is the next step in the development of the LiveWire brand," says Jochen Zeitz the chairman, president, and chief executive officer at Harley-Davidson.

LiveWire has not yet revealed the specs that will be used in S2 Del Mar LE. However, for S2 Del Mar LE, we can anticipate it to provide the same performance, just like Harley's 700cc motorcycle.

The exclusive Arrow architecture integrates components like the battery packs, electronic systems and motor into a single piece of equipment that will be the base of future LiveWire versions.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire S2 Del Mar LE electric bike battery pack has 21700 cells, a very popular design that has been adopted by brands like Tesla as well as Samsung.

It is a direct-drive motor and does not have a secondary reduction gear to increase efficiency and the speed of torque delivery and to reduce noise.

The weight has yet to be determined, but LiveWire states that it is aiming for an approximate weight of the 430-pound mark.

The pre-orders for the Launch Edition model are now available. The MSRP of $17,699 and delivery to start in the spring of 2023.