Electric vehicles are currently coming into use all over the world, and the latest electric cars are continually introduced into the Indian market too.

The government is trying to encourage the general public to utilize them. This is the reason why the number of electric vehicle buyers has seen a huge rise.

Today, we'll show you an electric car that has an old-fashioned look, built by combining parts of the Maruti Alto and Royal Enfield Bullet.

The electric car is made by a firm called Green Master from Sirsa(Haryana). Customers can purchase this EV from any part of the nation.

The tires on this car are also made from the bullet with the lights being both on the rear and front of the vehicle.

Green Master Electric Car is attractive in appearance. The 19-inch wheels, as well as wheel arcs, provide it with the look of a vintage car.

A trunk is put at the back of the vehicle and has 70-liters of storage space to easily store the baggage.

The car comes with a 1200-watt electric motor that produces 1.5 horsepower as well as 2.2 Nm peak torque.

This battery can provide a range of 100km with a full charge. This beautiful car comes with four alloy wheels. The company also gives you a spare tire for emergencies.

The starting price of the Green Master Electric Car is approximately 2.45 lakh. Customers can purchase this amazing EV from any part of the country.

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