Chinese manufacturer of e-bikes Fucare has revealed its wild and powerful Gemini X electric bike that is designed for rough and urban terrains.

Gemini X e-bike has a trellis-style frame and features that make it an e-bike that is fast and Class 3 type e-bike.

The new Gemini X e-bike has a top speed of 28mph or 45km/h and comes with dual batteries to give you a greater distance for riding.

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It is said that the Fucare Gemini X electric bike can handle loads of up to 181kg which is an uncommon feat in the current generation of electronic bikes.

The Fucare Gemini X frame's narrow diameter tubes are wrapped around the e-bikes powerful battery of 48V. It's the very first battery.

Another battery of Fucare Gemini X can be found underneath the seat. Both batteries provide a total capacity of 20.8Ah and a riding range of 55 miles.

The range can be increased to 80 miles when using pedal assist. With the rear hub motor that is 750W, Gemini X can get to an average speed of 28mph with pedal assistance.

Other notable features of this Gemini X are its 7-speed Shimano transmission as well as its front spring fork suspension and the 5.3-inch color display. Also, have a USB port to charge your devices.

Gemini X is a class 3 electric bike. Gemini X is priced at $1,899 for the base model. the step-through model can be more expensive.