Electric bikes and scooters are both great ways to get around town, but there are many factors to consider.

For All: The electric scooter market has grown substantially over the last two decades. While initially targeted to kids, today's e-scooters are attracting young adults.

Cost: While an electric bike can be several thousand dollars, scooters can be less expensive, and both have benefits.

Cost: Amount you're willing to spend on a new automobile that is electric will depend on your budget and needs for transportation.

Recomendation: Purchase an electric scooter with similar quality and longevity, such as Unagi Model One. Unagi Model One, for less than one thousand dollars.

Speed & Range: While scooters and e-bikes are both fast and fun ways to get around town, electric bikes tend to offer a better range.

The average e-bike can last up to 60 miles on a single charge, while scooters typically only go up to 40 miles.

The higher the battery capacity, the better the range. However, keep in mind that e-bikes with bigger batteries are generally better suited to urban areas.

Use: An electric scooter is easier to store and maneuver in busy traffic than a bicycle. And because they have a small frame, they can be easily stored almost anywhere.

Many electric scooter models are designed with commuters in mind, and some even fold down for easy transportation.

E-bike riders are at a higher risk of getting injured in crashes involving cars or commercial vehicles. One way to avoid accidents is to ride safely.

Researchers have discovered that riders who engage in risky driving behaviors are 2.5% less likely to use an e-bike. 

When it comes down, to price convenience, ease of use, and comfort using electric scooters could be the perfect choice for the vast majority of commuters in urban areas and riders around town.

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