The electric bicycles of Aventon have consistently amazed me with their quality of construction and focus on particulars.

The company announced an upgraded version of their well-known Pace 500 e-bike, I was expecting to see the same high features.

Form. Freedom. Function. This is the ethos of Aventon which is a business focused on making bikes that are easy to use.

Aventon is releasing its new generation Pace 500 e-bike models. It comes with integrated batteries inside the frame, plus comfortable and adjustable handlebars, and an amazing HUD that lights up.

The latest Aventon Pace E-Bike is the first e-bike ever to be awarded TUV safety certification. Its quality speaks to the first component.

The next generation Pace 500 purchasers will have a brand new selection of colors to pick from along with access to adjustable frame sizes and the possibility of a step-through frame.

500W hub motor propels the electric bike up to a speed of around 28 miles per hour (45 km/h) at pedal assist level 5, however, the throttle can get up to 20 miles per hour (32 kilometers/h).

The 52 lbs. (23.6 kilograms) Aventon Pace 500 includes an 8-speed trigger shifter as well as hydraulic disc brakes. bigger 48V 12.8Ah (614 Wh) battery, as well as an upgraded 3A charger.

Aventon Pace 500 can achieve a throttle-only distance of up to 30 miles (51 km) without pedal-assist the bike, or an area of 24 to 47 miles (38.6 to 75.6 km) when pedal assist is used.

The range is determined by the pedal-assist (PAS) choice. Level 5 PAS can assist as high as 28mph (45 km/h) and has a lesser range than riding solely on the throttle.

Right now, Aventon Pace 350 is on sale for just $1,399 (about PS1,000 or 1,900 AU$) and the new Pace 500 is $1,699 (about PS1,300 or $2300 AU$).

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