The 2022 Audi R8 will be back in performance, with a more powerful engine and increased power.

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It will go from 530 horsepower to 562 horsepower and torque of 398 to 406 lb-ft.

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With the V10 engine, the 2022 Audi R8 convertible offers smooth performance and a robust exhaust note.

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The 2022 Audi R8 is available with a variety of engines. Each engine delivers ultra-high performances.

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The least powerful version of the 2022 Audi R8 Coupe can reach 60 mph in 3.6 seconds.

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In addition to the new engine, the R8 will also get two new performance packages.

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The 2022 Audi R8 convertible is a two-seater supercar with a low-slung mid-engine.

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The vehicle features an HD navigation system that can be controlled by voice and mounted buttons on the steering wheel.

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It also includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and multifunction displays. Wireless device charging is also available.

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This luxury coupe has a range of features. The driver can expect to get up to 16 mpg with all-wheel drive.

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2022 Audi R8 is offered with the optional Sport Exhaust package to enjoy even more power.

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