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Top 5 Upcoming Electric Bikes In India – Specification, Price, Mileage

India is a nation that is a lover of the two-wheeler idea. Electric bikes are a brand new idea. A lot of us ride them every day because it’s less expensive and easier to ride. 

We love two-wheelers due to their cool factor as well as the enjoyment it provides. In this article, we have listed the best 5 upcoming electric bikes in India.

Battery technology is improving and the majority of electric bikes can travel up to 70-100 kilometres on one charge.

Below is the list of the top 6 upcoming electric bikes in India.

  1. Okinawa Oki100
  2. Husqvarna Vektorr Concept
  3. Devot E-Bike
  4. Hero Electric AE-47 E-Bike
  5. Orxa Mantis

Specification Of Okinawa Oki100

Range200 Km
Charging Time5 Hrs
First ChargingYES
80% in 45 minutes
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Top Speed120 Kmph
Kerb Weight121 kg
Launch DateDecember 2022

Okinawa Oki100

Okinawa Autotech is gearing up to meet the increasing demand for EVs that has grown with increasing prices for petrol as well as the increasing recognition of EV products on the marketplace.

Okinawa Oki100 is expected to debut in India in December 2022 with a price between Rs 90,000 and 1,000,000. The Okinawa Oki100 electric motorbike will be an EV with high-speed capabilities.

It will have a top speed between 100 to 120 km/h. Okinawa Oki100 electric bike will have 200 kilometres of range. Oki100 will feature a centrally mounted motor.

Okinawa Oki100

The Oki100 comes with a removable lithium-ion battery, which comes with a quick charger. It will recharge up to 80 percent capacity in only 45 minutes. It is expected that the Oki100 will also have various riding modes.

Special Features Of Okinawa Oki100

Here are some of the special features that come with the Okinawa Oki100 electric bike.

  • Different riding styles
  • 4G Sim Embedded
  • Removable Battery
  • Navigation
  • Geo-fencing

Benefits Of Buying Okinawa Oki100

If you want to buy the Okinawa Oki100 electric bike, you can get some benefits. The main attraction of this electric bike is its range. Below are some benefits of buying the Okinawa Oki100 electric bike.

  • Cost-effective Price
  • Long-range Electric Bike
  • Top Speed Around 120 Kmph
  • Fast Charging

Specification Of Husqvarna Vektorr Concept

Range95 Km
Charging Time5 Hrs
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Top Speed45 Kmph
Rs. 1.30 Lakh
Launch DateMarch, 2022

Husqvarna Vektorr Concept

Bajaj will likely make this model at its new Akurdi factory for exports and local markets. Husqvarna Vektorr is the first electric bike manufactured by the Swedish brand that was presented in May 2021. It has a range of 95km and a maximum speed of 45 kmph.

Husqvarna Vektorr Concept

Husqvarna Vektorr rides on 12-inch wheels and comes with a distinctive single-sided front mono-shock. The expected price of the Husqvarna Vektorr Concept is Rs. 1.30 Lakh.

Special Features Of Husqvarna Vektorr Concept

Below are some features that are available along with Husqvarna Vektorr Concept.

  • Navigation
  • Geo-fencing
  • Bluetooth
  • Smart Display

Specification Of Devot E-Bike

Range200 Km
Charging Time5 Hrs
Fast ChargingYES
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Top Speed100 Kmph
1 Lakh
Launch DateMarch 2022

Devot E-Bike

From a design point of the design is quite simple. The battery pack is in the middle, just below the fake fuel tank. It has the appearance of a single-piece, slightly elevated seat. 

The battery that is removable can be fully charged by using the bike’s onboard charger, or a speedy charger. It also has keyless ignition.

Ultraviolette F77 Electric Bike

Devot E-Bike

The bike boasts a maximum speed of 100 kmph. Devot E-Bike can reach 200 kilometres on a single charge. The price expected for this Devot electric bike will be around Rs. 1 Lakh.

Special Features Of Devot E-Bike

  • LED lights
  • Full-digital instrument console
  • swappable batteries
  • temperature control battery
  • Overcharging protection
  • Fast charger
  • keyless ignition

Benefits Of Buying Devot Electric Bike

Devot Electric Bike is an amazing electric bike for daily running. You can compare the Devot Electric Bike with the Royal Enfield bike. Devot E-Bike is a pure retro classic look bike. Below are some benefits of buying a Devot Electric Bike.

  • Retro Style
  • 200 km in just one charge
  • swappable batteries

Specification Of Hero Electric AE-47 E-Bike

Range160 Km
Charging Time5 Hrs
Fast ChargingYES
Battery Capacity3.5kWh
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Motor Power4kW
Top Speed85 Kmph
1,25,000 to
Launch DateMarch 2022

Hero Electric AE-47 E-Bike

Hero Electric AE-47 is expected to be launched within India by April 20, 2022, with a price tag of Rs. 1,25,000 to Rs 150,000. The maker of electric bicycles in India has showcased its AE-47 during the 2020 Auto Expo in February. 

The battery that is removable 3.5kWh lithium-ion battery has the range of 160kms or 85kms in Eco and Power modes respectively. If you want to charge this electric bike it only takes 3 to 4 hours.

Kabira Mobility KM 4000 Electric Bike

Hero Electric AE-47 E-Bike

The engine that powers this bike is a hub motor of 4kW that claims to achieve a top speed of 85 kmph and it can go from 0-60 kmph in nine seconds.

Special Features Of Hero Electric AE-47 E-Bike

Below are a few features you can expect from this electric bike.

  • Fully-digital instrument cluster
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • full-LED lighting
  • USB charger
  • Reverse assist and walk
  • Cruise control
  • geo-fencing
  • GPS
  • SIM card

Benefits Of Purchasing Hero Electric AE-47 E-Bike

  • long-range electric bike
  • amazing looks
  • portable lithium-ion battery

Specification Of Orxa Mantis

Range200 Km
Charging Time3 to 5 Hrs
Fast ChargingYES
Battery Capacity9kWh
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Motor Power25kW
Top Speed140 Kmph
3 to 4 lakhs
Launch DateMarch 2022

Orxa Mantis

The Bengaluru-based company Orxa Energies has unveiled its first electric bike named the Mantis in the India Bike Week in Goa. This Mantis electric bike has naked streetfighter designs.

The Mantis electric bike will have a top speed of 140 km/h. After giving a full charge this electric bike can go up to 200 kilometres.

The lithium-ion battery pack 9kWh is a collection of six batteries, which weigh 65kg in total. Orxa claims to have developed the batteries and that they are modular and swap-ready. The battery’s claimed charge time is around 3.5 hours with a 15A regular socket.

Orxa Mantis

Pick motor power of this electric bike is 25kW. The total weight of this electric bike is 175 kg.

Orxa intends to offer the bike at a price between 3 lakhs and 4 lakh.

Some Features Of Orxa Mantis

This electric bike is loaded with incredible features. Here are a few options available on the bike.

  • fully digital instrument cluster
  • Mobile app for dedicated use
  • diagnostics mode
  • Maintenance moe
  • LED headlamps
  • swappable battery

Benefits Of Purchasing Orxa Mantis

  • amazing style
  • 140 km/h maximum speed
  • long-range

Final Words

Above we have discussed the top 5 upcoming electric bikes in India. If you are a bike lover then the above electric bikes are for you. Day by day pollution is rising. We must act together to reduce pollution. The first big step is using electric vehicles.