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Top 5 Electric Scooters In India

Top 5 Electric Scooters In India: Since the price of petrol continues to climb across the nation, electric vehicles are rapidly becoming an alternative option for the most middle-class households in India.

Additionally, they are environmental friendly and they’re also great for your budget over the long term. The government of India also provides significant subsidies for electric scooters to encourage users towards a more sustainable way of traveling.

Therefore, this is the time to switch from gasoline-powered scooters to electric scooters. If you’re looking to purchase one, we have listed the top 5 electric scooters in India that you can purchase or pre-order. Have a look.

1. TVS iQube Electric

TVS iQube Electric

TVS iQube Electric scooter is our first choice among the top 5 electric scooters in India. This electric scooter is available only in white colour.

When fully charged, the range of this electric scooter is 75 km. If the electric scooter is operated in ECO mode, the TVS iQube Electric scooter can go up to 83 km on a single charge.

TVS iQube Electric Scooter requires five hours to charge from zero until 80 percent. If you want to charge the scooter from zero to 100 percent, it’ll take about 7 hours. The electric scooter comes with a lithium-ion battery, fitted.

The TVS iQube electric scooter is equipped with a 4.4kw powered motor. The maximum speed for this electric scooter is 78 kmph. The electric scooter can speed up to 40 kilometers per hour in 4.5 seconds.

The total weight of this electric scooter is 118kg. TVS iQube Electric Scooter’s Ground Clearance is 150mm.

The electric scooter comes with an automated transmission braking system. This electric scooter’s front wheel has disc brakes, while the rear wheel comes with drum brakes. The TVS iQube Electric Scooter’s wheel is an alloy type with a tubeless tyre.


Range75 km/charge
83 km (Eco)
Charging Time(0-80%)5 Hrs
Charging Time(0-100%)7 Hours
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Motor Power4.4 kW
Max Torque140 Nm
Top Speed78 kmph
(0-40 Kmph)
(0-60 Kmph)
Kerb Weight118 kg
Ground Clearance150 mm
Front BrakeDisc
Rear BrakeDrum
Wheel TypeAlloy

TVS iQube Price In India

The ex-showroom price of TVS iQube Electric scooter is Rs. 1,00,777 and the on-road price in Delhi is Rs. 1,00,777.

2. Ather 450X

Ather 450X

Ather 450x is another top electric scooter readily accessible in the Indian market. Mint, Black, and White colours are currently available on the market for this electric scooter.

The electric scooter is equipped with an automatic transmission. When fully charged, ather’s 450X Electric Scooter can go 116 km. The electric scooter is fitted with 2.9-kilowatt batteries.

Ather 450x requires 5 hours and 45 minutes to recharge the battery fully. The electric scooter comes with a lithium-ion battery. If we look at the motor’s power, this electric scooter comes with an electric motor powered by 6000 watts.

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This motor is capable of producing a maximum Of 26Nm of torque. The Ather 450X Electric Scooter’s maximum speed is 80 km per hour. The weight of the electric scooter is 108 kilos.

The Ather 450x electric scooter features disc brakes on both wheels. The electric scooter comes with an alloy-type wheel as well as tubeless tyres.


Range116 km/charge
Battery Capacity2.9 kwh
Charging Time5.45 Hours
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Motor Power6000 W
Max Torque26 Nm
Top Speed80 kmph
(0-40 Kmph)
(0-60 Kmph)
(0-60 Kmph)
Kerb Weight108 kg
Braking SystemCombine Braking
Front BrakeDisc
Rear BrakeDisc
Wheel TypeAlloy

Ather 450x Price In India

The ex-showroom and on-road price of the Ather 450 Plus is Rs. 1,18,996 and for the Ather 450X the price is Rs. 1,38,006.

3. Ola s1 pro

Ola s1 pro

Ola S1 Pro is the top model electric scooter made by OLA electric. This scooter is available with a variety of 10 unique and fun colours that will entice the young.

The manufacturer claims that it can travel a distance of 181km on a single charge. The battery has a capacity of 3.97 kWh. The maximum speed of the scooter is 115 km/h.

This scooter has so many latest features like, a Keyless smartphone unlock sensor, 36-litre boot storage space, anti-theft alert, have a good navigation system, music and phone control feature and more.


Colour10 attractive
Range181 km
Battery Capacity3.97 kWh
Charging Time6.30 Hours
First ChargingYES
75 km in 18 min
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Motor Power8500 W
Max Torque58 Nm
Top Speed115 Kmph
(0-40 Kmph)
(0-60 Kmph)
Length1859 mm
Height712 mm
Kerb Weight125 kg
Ground Clearance165 mm
Braking SystemCBS
Front BrakeDisc
Rear BrakeDisc
Wheel TypeAlloy

Ola S1 Pro Price In India

The ex-showroom price of the Ola S1 Pro in Delhi is 1.10 lakh Rs.

4. Hero NYX HX Electric Scooter

Hero Electric Nyx HX

Hero Electric Nyx HX is the city speed electric scooter of the Hero electric range. It is modular, flexible, and flexible enough to solve the needs of the sophisticated buyer.

According to the user’s and business needs, The electric scooter can be easily customizable using more than ten applications. Furthermore, the battery system can be extended in terms of range and integrated with the exchange of batteries.

This scooter comes with two variations, of which one is only a single battery while the other one has a double battery. The electric scooter based in cities is said to have a range of 165km when fully charged.

Hero Electric NYX HX comes with lithium-ion battery packs, which provide a maximum capacity of between 600 and 1300W. Single battery models’ power comes to 51.2V, and the power of dual batteries is 51.2V*2. The battery requires 4-5 hours to recharge fully.


Colourblack, silver
Range82-165 km/charge
Battery Capacity51.2V/ 30Ah
Charging Time4-5 Hrs
Fast ChargingYES
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Motor Power600/1300W
Top Speed42 Kmph
Length1970 mm
Height1145 mm
Kerb Weight87 kg
Ground Clearance141 mm
Braking SystemCBS
Front BrakeDrum
Rear BrakeDrum
Wheel TypeAlloy

Hero NYX HX Price In India

The on-road price of the Hero NYX HX (single battery) electric scooter starts at Rs. 67,440. And the dual battery model costs Rs. 67,540.

5. Bounce Infinity E1

Bounce Infinity E1

We will discuss the other electric scooter is, the Bounce Infinity E1 electric scooter.

The Bounce Infinity E1 electric Scooter comes with the power of a 48 volt, 39AH battery. It takes four hours to charge the battery fully. When fully charged, this electric scooter can travel a distance of 85km.

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The top speed of this Infinity E1 Electric Scooter is 65 km/h. The electric scooter is equipped with a 1500 Watt brushless DC motor. It could be a good option when looking for an electric bike that costs less than 1 lakh rupees.


Range85 km/charge
Battery Capacity48 V, 39 Ah
Charging Time4 hours
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Low Battery IndicatorYes
Motor Power1500 Watts
Motor TypeBLDC
Max Torque83 Nm
Top Speed65 Kmph
Kerb Weight94 kg
Ground Clearance155 mm
Front BrakeDisc
Rear BrakeDisc
Wheel TypeAlloy

Bounce Infinity E1 Price In India

The Bounce Infinity E1 Ex-showroom prices in Delhi start at around Rs 45,099. It is the Infinity E1 is available in two variants.

The entry-level Bounce Infinity E1 Without Battery Pack variant costs $ 45,099 (ex-showroom Delhi), and the most expensive Bounce Infinity E1 With Battery Pack variant costs 68,999 mark (ex-showroom Delhi).

Final Word

With the potential for the Top 5 Electric Scooters in India and the upcoming electric car (EV) market, it seems like the government’s attention is on developing the market for electric vehicles, and many Indian companies will be entering this market.