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New Tata Avinya EV Price, Launch Date, Interior, Images

Tata Avinya EV

Tata has unveiled its latest concept in the form of an electric vehicle named the Tata Avinya EV, Set to go on sale in 2025. The EV has a sleek and modern style, spacious cabin and comes with a variety of advanced features like speakers in all seats as well as voice command inside the car, ADAS systems and connected automobile technology.

The word “Avinya” is a Sanskrit word that means innovation, and the intention is to present a range of technology and components that are segment-first that make up this new electric vehicle.

It also gives indication of Tata Motors’ new design language for its electric vehicle brand, Tata Passenger Electric Mobility (TPEML).

The Avinya is the third phase of the electrification plan that underpins Generation 3 EV platform. The sleek, sporty design is the first to showcase the Indian automaker’s Gen3 EV platform that was built from scratch. 

While the technical details for the Avinya concept aren’t clear yet but let’s take a close look at Tata’s stunning style and spacious interior below:


  • The Tata Avinya concept of electric vehicles is a debit to the brand new ‘Born Electric’ electric vehicle platform.
  • The first production model will be available in 2025 and will offer over 500 km of range.   
  • The concept shows a luxurious design by Tata for its EVs across the world.
  • The interior comes with endurable materials, and an elegant minimalist finishing.


The dimensions of the car is similar to Tata Harrier, but the Styling is more luxurious. In terms of style, the new model is unique and is a mixture of MPV and SUV body, similar to what we saw recently with the Audi Urbansphere concept.

Tata Motors has a three-platform approach to cover all segments in the electrified vehicle industry by 2030. The new design also allows for the cabin from a cramped space, thanks to the ample wheelbase and the flat floor pan, which is possible only for EVs due to the absence of the combustion engine.

The Tata Avinya concept measures 4300mm in length. The dimensions vary little from the production models, based upon the same platforms and style language.


Tata Avinya Exterior

The exterior of the Avinya makes it difficult to categorize the car since its proportions span a variety of categories like the overall sporty design with a sleek and low roofline and sufficient space to accommodate the Urban SUV.

The front of Tata Avinya EV has probably its prettiest facet, the sporty style of its illuminated panels, which slope downwards at the bottom. The chin spoiler is angular style and has a diffuser placed just above it.

One of the major features of the design is the brand-new LED light signature that can be seen on the upcoming models of Tata. The grille is broad and has small headlamps and front splitters. The design features prominent wheel arches, blacked-out A-pillars, and a roof made of glass.

These LED lights, front and rear, span the car’s whole width and converge in the middle to create a “T” symbol representing Tata’s logo. These are the most prominent features of the style that comprise Avinya.

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Furthermore, the taillamps are extended away from the back of the car, acting as a rear spoiler to improve aerodynamics. Like many EV designs, the Avinya is also equipped with suicide doors, and the absence of a B-pillar makes the cabin more spacious.

The driver’s seat has also been fitted with a swivel feature for better access, and the back passenger seat looks like a sofa-like bench seat.

The specially designed dual-tone wheels part of the Avinya concept look very sporty. The design of the central locks is similar to the light signature.

However, the huge 22-inch wheels wrapped in the low profile Pirelli P Zero rubber are likely not to make it to every production-spec Tata model.

Tata Avinya Interior

Tata is a minimalist-style car on its inside. Tata Motors has also emphasized the interior of the latest concept in a significant way. It offers a lounge-like interior.

It has new steering equipped with an integrated display. You will notice the wing-mounted rearview cameras on both sides of the dashboard. Tata Avinya electric SUV offers a five-person ample cabin room with bucket seats in front and bench seats at the rear.

The production model is expected to include a plethora of modern comforts, technological features, including autonomous functions, and a slick connectivity suit.

Moreover, Tata Motors is pushing the envelope in the technology department by offering the Avinya concept that features an efficient and precise voice-command system for infotainer functions instead of the touchscreen interface.

The concept also has speakers attached to the seats’ headrests to provide acoustic and personalized feedback.

Tata Avinya EV Images


The technical details of the production-spec model are still unclear; however, we know it will use Pure EV Gen 3 technology.

Tata Avinya Range

The battery in the Avinya will be able to charge ultra-fast and come with a driving range of more than 500 kilometers. The estimated charge time is around 30 minutes with a DC rapid charger.

New Tata Motors Logo for EV lineup

Additionally, it has been revealed that with the Avinya EV concept Tata Motors has unveiled a brand updated logo to represent Tata Motors’ electric car range.

The electric vehicles coming will be part of Tata Passenger Electric Mobility (TPEML), the division for electric cars of the brand, which was created recently. The brand’s new Tata logo features an illuminated “T” visible at the car’s rear end.


Tata’s Pure EV GEN 3 Architecture is expected to provide new-generation connectivity and improved performance and efficiency in modern driver aid systems (ADAS).

The platform is also designed to meet international standards, with higher levels of waterproofing and dust and dirt protection.

Tata Avinya EV Car Price In India

Tata expects to offer the Avinya with a price range that starts at 30 Lakh(ex-showroom).

It may compete with the models like Tata Nexon EV, Tata Nexon EV, and the MG ZS EV.

Tata Avinya Launch Date In India

Tata Avinya Electric car is scheduled to launch around March 2025.

Final Words

Although the Tata Avinya EV will not get into production, we are expecting a possible Tata EV to draw the concept of a crossover.

Although it is still a concept idea, Tata will build a production-spec version of the Avinya concept, which is expected to launch in 2025. Chandrasekaran has also announced that Tata will be a benchmark to determine the best EVs to make it the first global product.