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Top Reasons To Buy Odysse V2 Electric Scooter: Price, Range, Images

Odysse V2 electric scooter

Odysse V2 Electric Scooter: The rapid growth of electric mobility, particularly for two-wheelers, has seen a growth of the companies in the electric vehicle market.

The new Scooter is an important step to increase their product lineup with electric scooters, which continue to see an enthrallingly huge demand.

A Mumbai-based electric two-wheelers manufacturer, Odysse, has recently launched two brand new scooters for sale in India, that is V2 and V2+.

It claims by the manufacturer that the scooters have two waterproof IP 67 certified batteries.The company plans to expand its lineup by launching two more models before the end of the year.

According to claims made by the EV manufacturing company, the brand new waterproof motor and battery have greatly offered enhanced performance and will reduce the maintenance costs during rainy seasons.

Odysse V2 Electric Scooter Design

In terms of design, the two models, V2 and V2+, have an easy and minimalist designs. It has a rectangular LED headlight and mounted on the front of the apron, with LED indicator lights flanking it.

The LED strip has been placed on the handlebar’s front, which functions as a DRL. It also has a flat floorboard that can be extremely helpful for securing luggage between the legs of the rider.

The ground clearance of this scooter is 180mm, and the kerb weight is 75kg.

Other features include a single-piece, flat seat with a rectangular rearview mirror, a one-piece grab rail, and a rectangular Pillion backrest.


V2 is available in six different colors: red, black, peach, blue, pista, and white. 

Odysse V2 Electric Scooter Specifications

Odysse V2 Electric Scooter Range:

The company states that the V2 comes with a driving range of 75km between charges, while the V2+ has 150km of range per charge.


The only difference between V2 and the choice of a removable battery pack is available only in the latter. The primary difference between both the V2 or V2plus is that V2 has a 1.3kWh battery, and the V2+ comes with a 2.6kWh battery. Both scooters take 3.5-hour to charge fully.

Motor, Speed:

The two scooters come with 250 Watt motors which can push the scooters at a claimed speed of 25 mph. They do need a license to drive.


It comes with disc brakes at the front, and drums at the rear. 

Wheel Size:

The two scooters are shod with 12 inches of wheel at the front , and an additional 10-inch wheel on the rear.

Odysse V2 Electric Scooter Features

Alongside the colour options, Odysse is also offering features such as LED lighting, ample under-seat storage space, an anti-theft lock, and passive battery cooling, as well as other features.

The electric scooters run on alloy wheels of 12 inches upfront, and the stopping power comes from disc brakes on both ends. These scooters also have an impressive trunk capacity.

Odysse V2 Electric Scooter Price In India

The brand new Odysse V2 and V2plus electric scooters are available for purchase. The cost of these scooters are Rs 75,000 and 97,500 (ex-showroom). Reservations for both electric scooters are now available online at Rs 2,000.

Odysse V2 e-scooter

The company has stated that it intends to increase its capacity for production following the introduction of these new vehicles and set up new manufacturing production facilities in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. The company and hopes to open at least 100 stores by the year’s close.

Odysse also offers the four electric 2-wheelers within its range that include E2go, Hawk+, Racer, E2go, Evoqis.

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With its new IoT (Internet Of Things) platform, Odysse is looking to extend its production capacity, enabling it to increase efficiency and cut costs. This is claimed to make the connection of all their vehicles and enhance users’ experience.

The manufacturer may charge an additional monthly fee to ensure that the device remains connected. One popular IoT platform is the Omni IoT. Many manufacturers have this platform built into their vehicles, and it is a default option for many manufacturers.

In addition to being an excellent platform for the Odysse V2 Electric Scooter, it is also compatible with many other types of vehicles.

Nemin Vora, CEO of Odysse, stated, “It gives us great satisfaction to announce Odysse’s V2 and V2+. India is moving towards cleaner mobility, and with Odysse we hope to create a shift in the way that people commute. The new Scooter is a significant step to increase our product range and electric scooters are enduring an increasing demand.”