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Latest Odysse Evoqis Electric Bike Price, Specs, Mileage

Electric mobility’s future in India is nowhere. Odysse provides the most well specially designed and exclusive E-scooters and E-bikes. Odysse Evoqis electric bike is the best electric bike that has been designed with top-class technology.

The rise of electric vehicles has increased domestically-owned electric two-wheelers, and the latest addition to this list is a company based in Mumbai, Odysse electric vehicles.

You will experience the real enjoyment and excitement of a clean and pollution free driving experience for a long way in the near future.

Keep reading for more information about the Evoqis latest specs, most recent prices, mileage, and more.

odysse evoqis electric bike

The Odysse Evoqis is the flagship model from the house of Odysse. It’s an elegant electric sports bike for commuters. Evoqis was designed by keeping young, active riders in mind who seek stylish and trendy economical electric bikes.

The target customers are 18 to 30 years old and reside in urban areas.


Colour5 dynamic colours
Range140 Km
Battery Capacity4.32 KW
Charging Time6 Hrs
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Motor Power3000 W
Peak Power4300 W
Max Torque64 NM
Top Speed80 Km/ hr
Length2060 mm
Height1150 mm
Kerb Weight150 kg
Ground Clearance170 mm
Carrying Capacity170 Kg
Braking SystemStandard
Front BrakeDisc
Rear BrakeDisc
Wheel TypeAlloy


Odysse Evoqis has an appropriate design language that features sharp aerodynamics. It has a windshield visor that helps block the windblast when riding at top speeds.

The handlebars are clip-on, and the rider has to lean forward a little to hold the handlebars. This can make riding postures somewhat sporty, allowing you to ride comfortably through the city.

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When it comes to the dimensions of the Evoqis is 2060 mm long, 740 mm wide, and 1150 mm in height. The numbers are in line with the majority of petrol-powered bikes.

To provide stability, the wheelbase is set at 1410 mm and is sufficient to get a smooth U-turn in the crowded city streets.

The ground clearance of the Odysse Evoqis is quite respectable at 170 mm, which is enough to take on at least 170 mm in the height of waterlogged roads without putting the motor at risk.

Color: Evoqis electric bike is available with four different colors, that are Fire Red, Lime Green, Manga Silver, and Candy Blue.


In terms of the powertrain, The Odysse Evoqis is propelled forward via a hub-mounted BLDC motor that is continuously powered with an output of 3000W. The power is estimated at 4300 Watts, providing instant acceleration that allows for overtaking.

The maximum torque capacity of 64 Nm means that the bike can carry up to 170 kilograms of payload.

Speed: The maximum speed you can achieve using the Evoqis is 80 km/h in the sports mode.

Odysse Evoqis Electric Bike Mileage

There are four modes of riding, including Parking, Sports, City and Reverse.

With a mileage that is more than 100 miles on a single charge, you can take the Evoqis on weekend trips without being shackled and worried about the battery’s capacity.


The battery’s electric juice is supplied by a large 4.32 kWh battery with a 72-Volt set-up which can provide a ride range that can reach 140 kmph when in eco mode.

The range decreases in sports mode, as more power is consumed for higher speeds. The fast-charging option is not available for the Odysse Evoqis at the moment, and the battery needs 6 hours of continuous charging via a the home outlet to be fully charged to capacity.

If there were a fast-charging method for the battery itself, this bike would be ready for use within a matter of one hour of charging at a fast public charging station.

The company will likely be offering rapid charging options within the next few months or in the new models of scooters and bikes.

Charging Time: The company claims that one charge will provide you with more than 100 kilometers. Within five hours, battery will be fully charged.

Brake and Suspension

Odysse Evoqis is suspended on telescopic forks at the front and spring-loaded shock absorbers fitted with hydraulic dampers. The setup is balanced for city riding and is more rigid for rough or muddy roads.

The bike runs on 140 and 110 mm sections rear and front tyres, which provide good grip. Both tyres have tubeless to ensure puncture-free riding.Moving to the braking system, the Evoqis is brought to a halt with dual disc brakes on the front wheel and one disc brake at the rear.

There’s enough bite from the brakes to bring it to a certain halt point. A combined braking system reduces braking distance at a minimum and helps keep the bike steady under hard brakes.


The battery comes with a three-year battery guarantee and one year for the bike. The servicing is handled with care, and the first appointment occurs at six months and the next nine and twelve months.

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Also, there will be a battery check-up, a wash (never spray directly onto the battery compartment of any electric automobile), and general inspections.

Odysse currently has over ten dealers across the country, and this number is set to increase significantly over the next few months. The dealers additionally have a repair facility located behind the showroom. Find details about brand new dealers through the Odysse website.

Riding Experience

The bike is stable, even though it weighs less than a TVS NTorq 125, at 111kg. Its handling is quite good. The CEAT tyres are, however, built to last longer than the handling.

The bump absorption could be better because the bike feels a little stiff. Dual discs are in the front and one disc in the back. There isn’t ABS or CBS that can be dialed into.

The stopping power is sufficiently provided through these brakes. The ground clearance is decent.


The full-fairing design and clip-on style handlebar enhance its sporty persona. The motorcycle is equipped with a twin-pod headlight, fairing integrated front turn indicators, and split-style seats.

The Evoqis comes equipped with full-LED lighting, an anti-theft lock, a keyless entry, and a music system. The seat height is rated at 750mm, making it accessible even for shorter riders.

Odysse Evoqis Electric Bike Price In India

All in all, Odysse Evoqis is among the limited electric bikes available on the Indian market that has an extremely powerful motor and a large range.

With a cost of around Rs 1.57 lakh(ex-showroom) at the time of sale, it is slightly expensive when compared with other electric bikes made by the house of other electric bike makers in India.

The most expensive variant available for Evoqis STD which is priced at. 1.64 Lakh. The company must get the FAME II subsidy for the Evoqis and reduce the price by as much as Rs 50,000 for its huge battery capacity.

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Competitors: Some of the main competitors include the KTM Duke 200 and KTM RC 125.


  • Great body proportions.
  • Claimed riding distance is 100km/charge
  • Top speed is 80 kmph.

Could Be Better

  • Extremely high price
  • A poor brand recall
  • Limited sales, service reach

Final word

Odysse EV will continue to create new solutions in this field and hopes to be the leader in electric mobility across the country. The odysse evoqis electric bike is perfect for those looking to go carbon-free and have zero emissions.

It also allows for last-mile connectivity at a low expense and without emissions. All in all, for urban rides, the Evoqis might be the first pick.