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New Urbet Ego Electric Scooter Review

URBET EGO electric scooter

Urbet is a Spain based EV manufacturer has been well-known for its quirky electric scooter, Urbet Ego Electric Scooter.

This New Urbet Ego electric scooter review will focus on the range and cost of the product. It also covers other factors, such as the suspension system and hub-mounted motor.

Among other things, the Ego has dual pod analog clusters on the handlebars. It also includes a speaker on the ‘fuel tank.’ As an electric scooter, the Ego is surprisingly easy to ride.

Power And Performance


The Urbet Ego features a 72-volt 42-aH lithium-ion battery and hub-mounted motor. The battery is rechargeable from 0 to 100 in 7 hours. The scooter is lightweight at 159 pounds and can reach speeds up to 90 km/h.

The battery also allows you to take the scooter anywhere without the worry of running out of power. Compared to a motorcycle, the Urbet Ego’s price is quite impressive.


The range of this electric scooter is impressive, allowing it to cover up to 75 mph in urban areas. It is equipped with a powerful 3kW motor and 72v 42aH batteries, which charge to full in seven hours.

Its top speed is 90 km/h, and it weighs 165 lbs (75 kg). In addition to its impressive range, the Urbet Ego is also equipped with a small speaker emitted traditional motorcycle noises. It will retail for 2,479 EUR.


A key feature of the new Urbet Ego electric scooter is the suspension. It has link-type suspension on both ends but no USD fork upfront. The front suspension features red callipers, and it rolls on 12-inch wheels.

A suspension system that absorbs energy is important for safety, especially if the rider is a child.

The goal of suspension is to provide a smoother ride for riders. This feature is important because not all roads are flat. Even newly paved roads have some bumps.

These bumps apply pressure on the wheels, causing them to bounce up and down. A suspension system helps balance this force. Suspension systems help improve road safety, as well as ride quality. If the suspension is not good, you might feel uncomfortable while riding.

Hub-Mounted Motor

A hub-mounted motor on an electric scooter is an ideal option for low-cost, low-maintenance mobility. While it may be less powerful than a chain drive motor, a hub-mounted motor has fewer components, making it easier to maintain and repair.

They also break down less frequently, which is a bonus for scooter owners. Hub motors can come in two types: geared and gearless. Gearless hub motors use electromagnets to generate movement inside the hub, while geared motors use a gear mechanism to transfer movement to the wheel.

It features a monolithic body, dual swingarm suspension, and an impressive 3,000-watt electric motor. The Ego’s two hub wheels protrude from the monolithic body, giving it an even more distinctive look.

Urbet Ego Electric Scooter Price

The price of the Urbet Ego electric scooter is just $3,738.67 USD (2,479 EUR).

However, if you’re interested in a stylish, environmentally friendly way to commute, there are two models you should check out. Both of these scooters are made in Spain and are manufactured by Urbet.