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New Simple ONE E-Scooter With 300 Km Range

Simple Energy has introduced a new version of the Simple ONE e-scooter with 300 km range. Bengaluru-based EV startup company Simple Energy, the manufacturer of the Simple ONE has upgraded their electric scooter with an advance, powerful motor.

New Simple ONE E-Scooter

This upgraded new model offers improved quality, efficiency, thermal management, and better performance. The new Simple ONE E-Scooter with a 300 km range offers 72Nm of torque, the most powerful in its segment.

The segment of electric two-wheelers in India has seen a steady growth rate for a long period. The increasing number of consumers of electric vehicles is steady and is growing. With several companies on the market, Simple ONE electric scooter has established itself using a different approach.


There are some differences between the old simple ONE base variant and the new version of the simple ONE electric scooter. Let’s have a look.

Motor, Power, Range: Simple One was launched on Independence Day 2021, at a cost of Rs 1,09,000 (except in-showroom). Its claimed driving range made it a big hit in the market.

This Simple ONE e-Scooter motor generates up to 4.8kWh power with 72 Nm maximum torque and 96 percent efficiency. With one battery pack, the E-scooters range is 236km (in real: 203 km), while in Eco Mode.

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The new Simple ONE E-Scooter with 300 km range with dual battery pack promises the range to be 300 kilometers in eco mode with a full charge. This new model offers 6.4kWh peak power that helps the electric scooter to achieve the claimed range of 300 kilometers.

In both single and dual battery options, the batteries are removable. The dual battery (total capacity 6.4 kWh) Simple ONE electric scooter is priced at 1.45 lakh(ex-showroom). 

Speed: This new version makes the Simple ONE electric scooter the most popular in the range in its segment. The company, however, claims that the acceleration of 0-40 km/h can be achieved in 2.85 seconds as against the earlier speed that was 2.95 seconds. The top speed is 105 km/h.

Storage: It comes with rear and front as well as 30 liters of storage under the seat as well as an electronic tire pressure monitor.

Colour: The new version of Simple ONE e-scooter comes in four colors. That is Brazen black, Namma Red, Grace White, and Azure Blue. 

Brakes and Suspension: Simple ONE has a combi-brake system. Simple Energy claims that both its powertrain and braking system are designed and developed internally and patent-protected.

Simple ONE rides on 12 inches of wheels and weighs a total of 110 kg. The suspension and braking are done by telescopic forks in the front and mono-shock in the rear. There are 200mm and 180mm discs at the rear and front respectively.

Suhas Rajkumar, founder and CEO of Simple Energy said, “When we first thought of Simple One, we had a goal in mind. Simple One, we had the idea of creating one that would provide enough mobility for customers to not need to worry about charging or range. The addition of a battery will let users reach places that no other electric bike can reach in India could. The battery will be tucked away in the back of the vehicle, providing an extended range of more than 300 kilometers. This is a significant achievement – not just in the case of Simple Energy, but for the EV sector as well. This will contribute to improving the perception that electric vehicles are a good thing.”

Key Features

  • In addition to The battery, Simple ONE features an information display that houses numerous features to assist the rider, such as Google Maps, trip meter, Bluetooth connectivity, etc.
  • It has an all-LED headlight, as well as an LED taillight.
  • The scooter is equipped with quick charging capabilities, in 30-litre boot storage where the additional battery can be kept.
  • It has a variety of unique features like onboard navigation as well as riding modes, mobile apps as well as music and call control, and many more features.
New Simple ONE E-Scooter with 300 km range

Simple Loop Charging Facilities

Simple Energy has introduced Simple Look charging services for charging at home and at public areas. They claim to be able to charge up to 2.5 kilometres in just 60 seconds.

They will be distributed across 300+ charging points over the next few months. For this, the company has signed agreements with malls, shopping complexes, and eateries.

Simple ONE is being manufactured at the facility owned by the company located at Shoolagiri in Hosur, which can manufacture 1 million vehicles annually.

The company also announced the opening of a second production facility within Tamil Nadu spread over an area of 600 acres, with an investment of 1,000 cores. The facility will be operational by 2023.

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Expected Delivery Date

As per Simple Energy, the new Simple ONE E-Scooter with 300 km range will be launched for the public in the coming weeks. The deliveries are scheduled to start in June 2022.

This comes 9 months after the official launch of the country’s website on August 15, 2021. It also confirmed that it had received bookings for 30,000 units so far. Simple ONE can be booked through the company’s website at Rs.1,9977.