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New Genesis GV60 Electric SUV Car

New Genesis GV60 Electric SUV Car

With the new electric SUV news, Genesis also announced that the company is working on another electrified car, the new Genesis GV60 Electric SUV Car. The Genesis GV60 EV sits on a platform supporting the Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric car.

The Genesis GV60 is not yet available for purchase but is scheduled to arrive in dealership lots in 2022.

The car also serves as a design exercise for Genesis’ electrification plans. The company plans to switch to all-electric cars by 2030, offering six distinct models in that time.

Power And Performance

Genesis is readying the European debut of its GV60 electric SUV car. It is expected to arrive in Europe in the summer of 2022 and has opened showrooms in London, Munich, and Zurich.

The GV60 could be announced in May, and pre-orders will begin on April 3. The GV60 is an all-electric vehicle with an impressive range of 366 miles.

The GV60’s range is nearly double that of its competitor, the Audi Q4 e-Tron. The car offers a high degree of rear legroom, and its driver’s seat is low enough to provide reasonable lateral support.

It also has a fairly spacious cargo area with 57 cubic feet of cargo room. The rear seats fold down to increase cargo space, but the SUV’s trunk is relatively small only 29 cubic feet.

The battery pack is 77.4 kWh, about half that of a Kia or Hyundai hybrid.


Interior of the New Genesis GV60 electric SUV car is a striking style, similar to GV80 SUV. Its instrument panel is identical, however, the central console has a floating design.

The floor is flat, allowing for more space for passengers and cargo. Another unique design element is the “Crystal Sphere” – it acts as a piece of design when the vehicle is not in use but flips over to reveal a gear selector when the car is running. which has scrollers for different functions and rotates to provide the driver with ambient interior lighting.

The interior of the GV60 is simple yet loaded with high-tech features. The center console contains only a few buttons, including a shifter that resembles a crystal sphere.

Other controls are similar to those found on other Genesis cars. The only difference is that the GV60 has a smaller interior volume than the EV6, so the GV60 does not have as much legroom as the larger Hyundai SUV.

Inside, the Genesis GV60 reflects the “Beauty of White Space” design principle. Dash design is neat and has a floating central console. Its electronic gear selector and side mirror adjusters feature a circular design.

The new electric SUV car features a wide range of technological advances. The instrument cluster is centered around a 12.3-inch curved display, which splits into two areas.

The display is mostly touch-based, but there is also a controller on the steering wheel. The driver can interact with this information by using the touchscreen. There is a rearview camera for an easier view of the rear.


The Genesis GV60 Electric SUV offers a number of attractive features, including its long wheelbase and short overhangs. This car also has some very cool alloy wheel designs available in either 20-inch or 21-inch options.

The Performance model offers a 20-inch wheel with an optional 21-inch alloy wheel. Despite its cool wheel designs, it is not overly shiny. Other features include dual taillights and chrome window surrounds.

The Genesis GV60 is a large electric SUV 177.8 inches long, 74.4 inches wide, and 62.4 inches tall. Its wheelbase measures 114.2 inches, and the cargo space behind the second row expands to 54.7 cubic feet.

There is plenty of room for four passengers and two pieces of luggage, and its rear seats fold flat to create a more spacious trunk with 54.7 cubic feet of cargo space.


The GV60 is similar in size but loses ground on price and range. The Genesis GV60 has a much bigger battery than the Ioniq. The cost of a new GV60 includes the full suite of safety systems and a fully loaded tech package.

The GV60’s acceleration is impressive at any speed, and it’s great for passing manoeuvres, especially with its Boost function. The GV60 will be available for sale in the US at 2022’s end with a the cost of $50,000. 

Pre-orders for the electric vehicle will be available in Europe during the first half of 2022. The launch of this model will take place at the Salon Prive London in April 2022.