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World’s Fastest Lightning LS 218 Electric Superbike – Price, Specs, Range

Lightning LS 218 electric bike

The 21st century is defined as the age of electric vehicles due to the necessity and benefits to the general public. Lightning LS-218 is an eco-friendly superbike that has a world record of the fastest electric motorcycle, with the highest speed of 218 mph(351kmph).

The LS-218, released around six months ago, made the title of the world’s fastest electric motorbike. In addition, it was ridden by Carlin Dunne in the saddle; it set the fastest speed in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb event in 2013, beating other petrol-powered bikes in the process.

Although that’s enough to be impressive, the company also wanted to show how efficient the LS-218 actually is. This record was created using solar power for around $.08.

The company has revealed that it has increased its manufacturing facility to five times the size of its previous facility. Although this will boost production, it’s not still known when it will be that the Indian marketplace will become able to receive the first LS.

Lightning is currently expanding its range of products, and a brand new video was released that will reveal its pricing and features.


  • Lightning Motorcycles’ LS-218 is the most powerful electric motorbike.
  • It is powered by a 150kW liquid-cooled IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet) motor that produces 203PS and 228Nm of torque.
  • The motorcycle can clock an 0-96kmph run in 2.2 seconds and 0-160kmph within 5.5 seconds.

Lightning LS 218 Specifications

LS 218 Motor

These “lightning-fast speeds” are due to the availability of instant torque, and it is abundant. The electric motor is a 150kW liquid-cooled IPM (Interior Permanent magnet) unit that produces 203 PS of power and 228Nm torque.

Lightning LS 218 Top Speed

It is not surprising that the LS-218 set a new world record for an electric bike’s top speed of 351kmph at Bonneville Speedweek, August 2018.

This made it the most powerful production electric motorcycle. It can go 0-96kmph in 2.2 seconds and 0-160kmph within 5.5 seconds.

Lightning LS 218 Range, Battery

LS 218 Standard is powered by a 380V 12kWh lithium battery. It claims a range of 160km in the city and 112 km on the highways.

LS 218 Mid Range uses a 380V 15kWh battery. The battery pack claims a range of 241km in the city and 168km on the highways with a single full recharge.

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LS 218 Carbon edition is the top-end electric superbike trim. It uses a 380V 20kWh battery pack for a range of 321km in the city and 241 km on highways.

LS 218 Charging Modes

You can get two charging options: a DC fast charger that charges your battery in 30 minutes or a standard charger (level 2) that charges it in 120 minutes.

Lightning LS 218 Design

Lightning designed the Strike to be exhilarating on tracks and comfortable on the streets. To provide a comfortable ride, the handlebars and foot-pegs are ergonomically placed.

The fairing is sculpted to reduce aerodynamic drag, which allows for greater acceleration and longer battery life at high speeds. The motorcycle also features several aerodynamic elements.

According to the bikemaker, the Strike’s design was subject to extensive wind-tunnel testing to be better aerodynamic.

Lightning LS 218 Price In India

The battery pack specification will determine the price of Lightning LS-218, an electric motorcycle in India. Three battery pack options are available for this motorcycle.

Prices start at $38,888 (Rs 27,67 lakh) for a 12kWh model, and go up to $46,888(Rs 33.37 lakh) for a 20kWh model.

Final Words

The initial phase of the expansion plans for the company is complete with an opening ceremony for a brand-new manufacturing facility of 20,000 square feet situated in Quzhou, China. The new production facility will boost the company’s capacity by five times.

The company has recently announced the first phase of expansion to its new corporate headquarters and manufacturing plant located in San Jose, California.

With such a massive battery and high-performance components like Ohlins suspensions, Brembo brakes, carbon fiber bodywork, and much more. The LS 218 is an entire class of its own.

One of the most significant advantages of electric motorcycles compared to gasoline counterparts is their ability to perform high-speed acceleration.

With high torque accessible in the blink of an eye, Electric motors can deliver almost impossible performances to match a gasoline engine with the same horsepower.

Perhaps no electric motorcycle can provide this kind of performance better than Lightning’s record-setting LS-218 motorcycle.