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Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser Bike – Specification, Price, Review

Electric cruiser bikes are a new kind of concept. Electric two-wheelers are slowly gaining popularity in the Indian market. In this article, we will know detail about the new Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser Bike.

Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser Bike

Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser Bike is the first electric cruiser bike in the Indian market. When we go to buy a two-wheeler we think about the body type of two-wheeler.

There are three main types of two-wheelers. Cruiser, naked bike, and a sports bike.

There are generally four types of two-wheelers available in the Indian market. The first is the scooter. The second is the street bike. The third is the cruiser bike and the fourth is the sports bike.

What Is A Cruiser Bike?

The cruiser bike is designed to run for a long time. Cruiser bikes are popular for highway long run. The most interesting thing about cruiser bikes is the comfortable seating.

You have already seen some petrol-powered bikes like Bullet, Avenger in the market. These fall into the cruiser bike category. This is the first time Komaki has launched their Electric Cruiser Bike in the Indian market.

Komaki Ranger Specifications

TypeElectric Bike
Features a cruise control system,
advanced repair switch,
reverse switch,
Bluetooth system,
advanced braking system
Range200 km/charge
Battery4 kW
Charging Time5-6hrs
Motor2000 Watt
Motor TypeBLDC
Braking SystemCBS
BrakesFront- Disc
Rear- Disc
Tyre TypeTubeless
Wheel TypeAlloy
Price Rs 1.68 Lakh

Komaki Ranger Design

Komaki Ranger has a classic cruiser design. It comes with round headlights, the chrome cowl, the tall handlebar, and a split step-up seat are just some of the attributes on this bike which add elegance to its retro style. Komaki Ranger is also the first of its kind in the market. 

The electric bikes that are currently appear to be dominated by sports-inspired styling, and there aren’t many of them. Hence, Komaki Ranger is unique.

Komaki Ranger

The bike’s sidelight is integrated with the headlight. The whole part of the body is blacked-out chrome finishes. The electric bike comes with front body guard as well as a rear lamp guard, rear protection guard and a rear backrest to ensure the convenience and comfort of the rider.

In addition, the bike has two fake exhaust pipes, which have flame effects that resemble those that are found on combustion engines bikes. The bike also has the classic elongated handlebar. 

Color Options

Komaki has unveiled the country’s first electric cruiser motorbike Ranger in the year 2022. The cruiser bike has been launched in three distinct colors. It is available in Garnet Red, Deep Blue and Jet Black colors.


Komaki Ranger features four riding modes that allow riders to adapt to various riding conditions. There are four modes includes eco, comfort, sports and turbo. Adding more elegance to the bike, there are other features, such as backward mode and cruise control modes.


Komaki Ranger is powered by the permanent magnet inside, Brushless Motor. The power rating of the motor is 2kW.


Cruiser bikes are usually driven over long distances. That’s why the company has installed a much higher capacity battery in Komaki Ranger electric bike.

The Komaki Ranger electric bike has a 4kW Lithium-ion battery. It has one of the largest battery packs available in the market at the moment.

Charging Time

Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser Bike has a 4 kW battery. Naturally, since this electric bike has a 4 kW battery, it will take some time for this electric bike to be fully charged.

It takes 6 to 8 hours to fully charge this electric bike.


Kumaki Ranger electric bikes have a much higher capacity battery. This is a cruiser bike. With this in mind, the company has installed a 4 kW battery in this electric bike.

This electric bike can cover a distance of 200 to 240 kilometers once fully charged. This electric bike is able to go a long way from all the other electric bikes available in the market right now.

Komaki Ranger Top Speed

The Komaki Ranger top sped is claimed up to 80kmph.

Brakes And Suspension

Komaki Ranger, Brakes

Komaki Ranger has dual disc brakes and a combi-braking system. The system of braking connects the rear and front brakes on the motorcycle. When the rider hits one of the brakes, the brakes apply to both rear and front wheels.

The bike has 17-inch alloy wheels with a Y-shape in the rear and front. Both tyres are tubeless. The front tyre is 110/70-17, while its rear tyre is 140/70-17.

As for the suspension system, this bike has an adjustable telescopic fork at the front and dual shocks (custom damping) at the rear.

Komaki Ranger Features

Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser Bike has some nice features added. That includes:

  • Rear tail light and the backrest of the rear
  • Inclusive dual storage space  
  • Locks that prevent theft    
  • Mobile charging unit
  • Rear protection guard
  • Sensors on the side of the stand
  • Dual passenger footrest
  • Bluetooth with audio system
  • Self diagnosis

Komaki Ranger Price

The price of Komaki Ranger electric crusher will likely starts at 1.68 Lakh. It is available in a single variant, STD. Regarding cost the Komaki electric bike offers at this price is a fantastic Cruiser Bike.

Final Word

Among the electric bikes available in the market at the moment, Kamaki Ranger electric bikes can go from 200 km to 240 km after a full charge.

Since the battery capacity of this bike is very high, that can be the biggest cause to buy this bike.


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