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Is A Helmet Required For An Electric Scooter In India?

Electric scooters in India are becoming more popular. So the question may arise that is a helmet required for an electric scooter in India? In India, however, electric scooters would classified as vehicles, meaning they will have the same rules as the regular petrol-powered two-wheelers.

Therefore,it’s now compulsory for riders to wear helmets and have insurance and a driving license. Some states have laws that allow riders to drive their e-scooter without a helmet. These laws are intended to encourage the use of electric vehicles in India.

While Helmets are not the most fashionable accessory, it provide good protection that should not be taken for granted. Many riders know this, but in the case of relatively new technology, electric scooter riders are often unclear about the need for helmets.

A slow-moving vehicle on the road is equally as vulnerable to severe injury and accident as a fast one. A helmet with a safety rating is necessary.

Helmet Requirement While Riding EV

A group of state transport ministers formed the road transport ministry to change the definition of a motor vehicle. As of now, wearing a proper helmet is essential.

If you ride an electric vehicle (EV) with more than 25kmph speed and more power than 25kmph, it will be legal to ride an electric scooter. However, Helmets are not required for electric scooter riders with less power than 250W or a maximum speed of 25kmph.

The new regulations will mean that riders must follow the same rules as regular motorists. It is strongly recommended that all the riders should wear a proper fitted helmet for the sake of their safety.

Do You Need To Wear A Helmet?

You can ride an electric scooter in most countries and states where you are allowed to ride Evs without a helmet. However, some countries have specific age restrictions or require all riders to wear helmets by law.

Although you should double-check the status of your local regulator for electric scooters to determine whether helmets are mandatory, we recommend that you always wear one, even if it’s not required.

Your skull and brain, which are your body’s essential parts, are protected by a helmet. Always remember that “better to be safe than sorry.”


Why It Is Important To Wear Helmet While Riding A Bike?

Although each country has its own laws regarding helmet use, in practice you have to choose to wear or not. Our view is that your helmet is an essential part of safety and not something to be taken lightly.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), a recent study, found that  less than 5% of injured riders in 2019 wore helmets. 

This is concerning when you consider that approximately one-third of all e-scooter accidents involve head injuries. It is also alarming to note that helmet use is associated significantly with a lower risk of getting head injuries.

A study of 6,000 bike-related injuries found that wearing a helmet had a 52% lower risk of brain injury and a 44% lower risk of death in drivers. So don’t play games with chance – use a helmet to protect your head!

What Is The Disadvantage Of Helmet?

While helmets are compulsory to wear when riding 2-wheelers, there are some disadvantages to wearing helmets such as,

  1. Wearing helmets for long periods can cause sweating, leading to skin rashes.
  2. Friction caused by helmets that cover the forehead may result in skin irritations and rashes, such as soreness and dermatitis.
  3. A fully-covered helmet can cause breathlessness due to the covered belt around the throat and mouthpiece.
  4. If accidents happen, the added burden of wearing a helmet could cause a severe brain injury.
  5. Blocks vision and hearing The helmet blocks peripheral vision and partially reduces hearing due to the cushioning at the edges. This could impact the ability to perceive due to a lack of basic senses.
helmet for scooter

Final Word

When riding an electric scooter, choose a helmet according to your risk.

You are likely to be in the low-risk category if you ride slower and are often isolated from traffic on roads of good quality. If you ride fast, with a lot of traffic, on bad roads, your risk will increase.

Full-face helmets offer more protection than open helmets, regardless of whether they’re motorcycle or downhill.

Until the official governing body establishes a specific e-scooter helmet safety standard, it is your responsibility to assess your risk and choose a suitable helmet.

We recommend that riders err on the side of caution. However, the safest helmet you use. If you buy a more protective one but never wear it, it is less secure, then buy a lighter, less protective helmet and wear it every time.

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