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Latest Horwin SK3 Electric Scooter Price In India, Range

horwin sk3 electric scooter

Horwin Sk3 Electric Scooter: The market for electric two-wheelers is growing in various international markets across the world. Even in India, several new players have recently joined the market.

As the demand for electric mobility increases, we’ll see an increasing number of new players entering the market. After the launch of the Horwin Sk3 Electric Scooter in Europe at the beginning of January earlier this year, the Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicles, Horwin, has introduced an upgraded version of its electric scooter in its own market.

The aesthetics of the China-spec SK3 is similar to its European counterpart; however, it gets major improvements under the skin.


The model is available in Europe with a driving range of around 80km on a single charge, and this can be increased to 160 km by adding a second battery pack.

This is where the Chinese model shines because it is geared toward people who plan to use it on tours. The upgraded SK3 has a larger battery pack of lithium-ion 72V, which supplies energy to a 3.1kW motor.

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The powertrain produces an output of 6.3 4 kW (8.5 billion horsepower). With only one battery in place, this set-up provides a range of 160km with just one charge, and it can be extended to 300km with another battery pack.

The top speed of the electric scooter is set at 90 kmph to maximize battery power. Horwin will provide its customers with a charger of 8A as the standard.

Horwin SK3 Range

The Horwin SK3 electric scooter was first launched last year. Its range was 80 km, but the company has increased the range and added new connectivity features. Now, the scooter can go up to 300km on a single charge.

Horwin SK3 Design

horwin sk3 electric scooter design

Unlike modern electric scooters, Horwin Sk3 features an elegant and sleek design based on the Maxi scooter design. But, the spine running through the floorboard is as high and noticeable as the modern maxi-style scooters.

SK3 gets a twin LED headlamp cluster set in the front. It comes with a single-piece flat seat and grabs rail and a small, movable flyscreen. The sturdy single-piece grab rail can be substituted with a rack to mount luggage or a pannier container with a pillion backrest as an option. 

SK3 model has cuts and creases on its sides and front panels, giving it a contemporary and futuristic appearance. The electric scooter has been developed to be used for everyday commutes and long-distance trips.

Horwin SK3 Features

In terms of highlights, SK3 comes with a a smart lock feature, cruise controller, and complete illumination with LEDs. Other noteworthy features include fully digital instrument cluster, which includes an option for smartphone connectivity.

Underseat storage is adequate to store knick-knacks and other items; however, it can be drastically reduced by the additional battery.

The hardware configurations of the battery-powered scooter are a suspension system that includes conventional forks with telescopic springs in front and two rear springs.

The scooter is mounted on black alloy wheels with multi-spoke spokes. The braking system comprises a front disc, and the rear drum unit is aided by a Combi-Braking Systems (CBS).

Horwin SK3 Electric Scooter Price In India

The Horwin electric scooter SK3 is being launched within both the Chinese as well as European markets. The price on the European market is 4500 euros ( about Rs 3.63 lakh in Indian rupees).