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New Honda 2023 CR-V Review, Price

Honda 2023 CR-V

The new Honda 2023 CR-V is a redesign and an upgrade to the CR-V. It’s bigger and more efficient and promises to bring hybrid-powered versatility to the family crossover segment.

What else should you expect? Find out more here! Read on for a closer look to get a better review of this brand new Honda SUV. It’s due to arrive in 2023.

Power & Performance

The new Honda 2023 CR-V is expected to arrive in gasoline, hybrid, or all-electric form. The gas-powered version is expected to have a 1.5-liter turbo-four-cylinder engine.

The hybrid powertrain will be more advanced than the system used south of the border, generating 212 horsepower.

The new SUV is likely to be more aesthetically pleasing than previous CR-V models. Various spy photographs reveal a compact, three-row SUV.

Honda typically works on shorter timeframes than most other automakers, and we can expect to see a hybrid model that will rival the Nissan Qashqai.

Fuel Economy

The new CR-V will debut in the U.S. in 2023. The CR-V has become a popular choice for families on road trips, as it offers ample space and great fuel economy while providing a number of top-notch safety features.

The next-generation Honda 2023 CR-V will be powered by a plug-in hybrid powertrain, and it should boost fuel economy and deliver improved performance.

Honda is following a step-by-step approach to electrification. The hybrid CR-V is likely to follow in the footsteps of. It will be the company’s fifth-best-selling car, according to Forbes.

The current model, the next-generation CR-V will be more versatile, sportier, and more capable than its predecessor. The hybrid model will achieve a fuel-efficiency of 5.9 L/100 km in the city.

Design & Features

The next-generation Honda 2023 CR-V is more muscular and masculine, with a 3.3-inch length, 0.5-inch width, and 1.5-inch increase in wheelbase.

The Honda 2023 CR-V features a longer wheelbase, a higher, straighter hood, slimmer headlamps, and a more angular greenhouse. It also has a hybrid badge on the tailgate.

The next-generation CR-V is due out in 2023, with a new hybrid powertrain, updated exterior styling, and increased versatility.

While the previous-generation CR-V hybrid lagged behind the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid in comparison tests, the new generation will offer sportier driving experiences, more capability, and enhanced safety features. It will also be available in Canada.

A patent photo of the new Honda 2023 CR-V hybrid has surfaced online. According to the images, the new crossover will be bigger than the current model. The new crossover will have a length of 185.1 inches, which is a bit longer than its current predecessor.

It will also have a third row of seats, though this will probably be limited to certain markets. The new CR-V will likely have the same platform as the redesigned 2022 Civic, which means the interior will be similar to that car.

The Honda 2023 CR-V will look very similar to the current model, but it will have a more aggressive profile. It will also have a more powerful hybrid powertrain.

It will also have a bigger air dam, new 10-spoke alloy wheels, and a vertically positioned tail lamp. The crossover will have a much larger trunk than the current model, making it easier to move in tight parking spaces.


The Honda 2023 CR-V will be available in various trim levels, including a base model priced at $28,900 and a high-end hybrid starting at $38,000.