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GoZeroMake SKELLIG PRO X Electric Cycle – Price, Specification, Review

To reduce pollution India needs electric vehicles. There is no doubt, in the future electric vehicles is going to be the mode of transport. Besides electric two-wheelers, the electric cycle will be popular for short-distance travel. SKELLIG PRO X Electric Cycle from GoZeroMake can be the best choice in this category.

GoZeroMake SKELLIG PRO X Electric Cycle

Range, Motor, Battery, Charging Time Of SKELLIG PRO X

SKELLIG PRO X Electric Cycle comes with an amazing range. After a full charge, this electric cycle is capable of going up to 70 kilometres distance.

Let’s come to the motor part of this electric cycle. The power of the motor of this electric cycle is 250 watts.

SKELLIG PRO X e-cycle has a battery of 400 wh. To fully charge this electric cycle you only need 3 hours. This electric cycle is perfect for daily local running.

Riding Modes & Gear Of SKELLIG PRO X

This electric cycle comes with 5 level paddle assist. If you use the throttle of this electric cycle it can run at a speed of 25 kmph.

In another case, if you want to walk side by side with your cycle it has walk mode. In walk mode, SKELLIG PRO X’s maximum speed is 6 kmph.

Let’s talk about the gear system of this electric cycle. This electric cycle has a 21 speed adjusted gear system. You can choose gear according to your need.

Brakes, Frame, Fork & Wheel size

Usually, we see disc brakes on scooters or bikes. But this electric scooter has disc brakes for a better braking system.

The braking system of this electric cycle is amazing. This electric cycle comes with a dual disc brake. Front-wheel of this e-cycle has a disc brake and the rear wheel also has a disc brake.

The frame of this electric cycle is all made of steel. Since this electric cycle is made of steel, this electric cycle can easily run on any road in India.

If you look at the shock absorber of this e-cycle it has a class 3 shock absorber. Class 3 shock absorber is used for better riding comfort.

Now let’s see the size of the wheel. SKELLIG PRO X e-cycle has a big size wheel for better riding quality. It has 26 x 2.35 in wheels.


The MRP of this electric cycle is Rs. 47,999. At the time of writing the selling price of the SKELLIG PRO X electric cycle is Rs. 45,999.

If you want to prebook SKELLIG PRO X, you only have to pay Rs. 13,799.

If you look at the price point of this electric cycle, the price is reasonable. The main highlight of this e-cycle is its range. It gives you a total range of 70 kilometres after a full charge.

Specification Of SKELLIG PRO X Electric Cycle

Range70 km
Motor250 W
Charging Time3 hrs
Riding Modes5-Level paddle Assist,
Throttle (25 kmph),
Cruise, Walk (6 kmph)
BrakesDual Disc Brake
FrameComposite Steel
ForkClass 3 shock absorber
Wheel Size26 x 2.35 in


An electric cycle is best for those whose daily running is less than 30 to 40 kilometres. To electrify the Indian transport system electric cycle is as important as electric scooters and e-bikes.


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