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Faraday FF 91 Electric SUV Review, Pricing, Interior

Faraday FF 91

Faraday Future, an electric vehicle startup based in California, has revealed its first prototype which is referred to as”the” Faraday FF 91 that was developed at their facility situated in Hanford, California.

A look at the concept and aerodynamics of the Faraday FF 91 is in order. We’ll cover this concept car’s price, interior, and aerodynamics. Read on to learn more!

It is an affordable alternative energy vehicle. It also has a range of up to 500 miles. So what are the key features of the Faraday FF 91, let’s see.

FF 91 Concept

The Ford Faraday FF 91 concept is an advanced electric vehicle featuring a seat that can recline to 60 degrees. The seat, shaped like a spaceship, offers high-resolution viewing areas and heating and cooling systems.

The car’s interior features NASA-inspired Zero Gravity seats, which feature integrated heating and cooling. It is also equipped with massage functionality. The Ford Faraday FF 91 is targeted toward the Chinese market.

FF 91 Price

The company is expected to begin delivering the FF 90 to customers in around the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2022 with production centered on Hanford, California.

The FF 91 is expected to be priced between $120,000 and $180,000, but as of the first quarter of 2022, the company had only received 401 pre-orders.

The company also plans to develop smaller crossovers, a smaller version of the FF91, and an EV delivery vehicle. The price tag is not surprising, considering that the company’s CEO, Jia Yueting, is also one of the main backers of the company.

However, the Chinese pricing for the FF 91 may be higher than the price in the US due to taxes, import duties, and shipping costs. Until the price is confirmed, it is best to wait for further details and price range.

FF 91 Interior

Faraday FF 91 interior

The Faraday Future FF 91 is an all-electric crossover SUV featuring high-tech interiors. Faraday describes the interior as the third internet living space, where users are recognized by their facial features and can access settings such as music and scent.

The car also features cameras and sensors that recognize the weight and voice of its users. This information allows the car to customize its settings and experience based on the driver’s preferences.

The exterior of the Faraday FF 91 features a distinctive grille and headlamps, which are framed by LED strips that wrap around the main headlamps. Special vents improve aerodynamic performance and add a sporty look.

The massive stoplight features a 3D illumination effect, and the rear end features air outlets. The roofline slants down from the front end, revealing a low, sloping roofline and a streamlined look.


The FF91 is not far off, with the Californian automaker revealing a pre-production example of the car. The FF91 is a luxury, connectivity-oriented vehicle aimed at competitors such as Tesla.

It promises to deliver a high-end driving experience with a 1050-horsepower powertrain and a 130-kWh battery. It is also expected to achieve a range of over 300 miles between charges.

Although it is still a ways off, the company promises the FF91 will be worth its high price tag.

FF 91 Aerodynamics

A new video has revealed the design of the Faraday Future FF 91, an electric crossover car that will compete with Lucid Air and Tesla Model S. The FF 91’s aerodynamics are designed to minimize drag and increase interior space.

A teaser video shows the design and aerodynamics teams working together. The goal was to have the car’s drag coefficient be under 0.26, which translates into a five-percent increase in driving range.

The company currently accepts reservations for the FF 91 and has a $5,000 deposit to hold your spot in line. The cost of the FF 91 is yet to be announced, but a comparison to Bentley’s value provides a rough guideline.

In other words, this car will be extremely expensive, but it will definitely be worth the money. Its aerodynamics will help it overcome this problem.

Faraday FF 91

FF 91 Battery Pack

The battery pack of the Faraday FF 91 is a remarkable accomplishment. With a range of over 350 miles, the car can make a 250-mile round trip between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Its 130 kWh battery pack powers three electric motors with a combined 1.050 horsepower. Its rechargeable batteries can carry up to a full charge, so a car powered by this pack should be able to travel long distances.

The company plans to begin mass production of the FF 91 in the third quarter of 2018 but has not yet revealed the price or availability of the product.

While Faraday Future has a proven track record, the company has yet to release any information on the FF 91’s cost and estimated production time.

Currently, the company is only selling pre-production cars and has yet to disclose pricing or production timelines.