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Top 6 Electric Scooter Manufacturers In India 2022

electric scooter manufacturers in india

Electric Scooter Manufacturers In India: India aims to achieve full electrification in India’s automobile sector by the year 2030. As India advances toward a sustainable future electric vehicle technology is beginning to emerge in India.

In the coming days, Electric scooters will be the top choice for everyone Indian since they are practical and affordable in India. The government is also moving towards cleaner vehicles and individual mobility.

Electric scooters generate almost zero carbon emissions, which helps reduce pollution from the air in India also.

Several traditional leading companies, such as Mahindra Electric and Hero Motocorp Ltd., are rapidly expanding their presence in the segment.

Startups aren’t too far behind either. Newcomer companies such as Okinawa Autotech and Ather Energy have experienced more growth in sales over the years.

The below of top electric scooter manufacturers in India contains the best electric scooters available for purchase now.

The manufacturers of these electric scooters have good reviews and offer decent performance and range, and are suitable to use in Indian roads conditions.

Here is the Top Electric Scooter Manufacturers In India and their electric Scooters in India.

Hero Electric – Top Electric Scooter Manufacturer

Hero Electric

Hero Electric is considered among the top-selling electric two-wheelers in India. The company makes top electric scooters that are comfortable for cityride with premium looking design.

It is under Hero MotoCorp, a multi-company that has a wide range of interests such as Electric Vehicles, Exports, Bicycles, Healthcare, as well as real Estate.

Hero Electric launched its first electric scooter powered by lithium-ion battery in the year 2017.The company currently has over 600 dealerships throughout the nation and is in over 325 cities.

Under the umbrella of one of the biggest two-wheeler firms worldwide, Hero MotorCorp, Hero Electric is the second-largest E2W company in India in FY2020.

HerHero Electric recently tie-up with BattWheelz Mobility, a Gurugram-based startup. The company plans to introduce 4,000 electric two-wheelers in the coming fiscal year 2022-23.

The goal was to increase its production capacity, strengthen its position in the market, invest in innovative technologies, and expand its reach across different markets such as India.

Building on 10 years of growth Hero Electric has sold 7400 units over the year-end to have a market share of 27 percent.

Hero Electric has a wide variety of models based on the use, with Photon Li and Lp its current models. The Li model has two Li-ion batteries, which offer 110 kilometers of range in a single charge with charging times of 4.5 hours.

The company has ten electric scooter models available in India with various specifications and price ranges. Those models are,

Hero Electric Scooters Price In India

Hero Electric Scooters Price
Hero Electric Optima₹ 51440 – ₹ 77490
Hero Electric NYX₹ 67440 – ₹ 67540
Hero Electric Dash₹ 50000 – ₹ 62000
Hero Electric Photon₹ 79940
Hero Electric Flash₹ 46640 – ₹ 59640
Hero Electric Atria₹ 63640
Hero Electric Eddy₹ 72000

Okinawa – Electric Scooter Manufacturer

Okinawa Electric Scooter

Okinawa Autotech Pvt Ltd. is a manufacturer of electric two-wheelers based in Haryana. The company was founded in the year 2015. It was the 2nd most popular brand for sales in the electric two-wheelers segment.

The company runs 24 dealerships at present and is planning to establish 450 dealerships across the country in a phased manner in the coming years.

Okinawa has been a leading presence in the electric two-wheeler market and holds an estimated market share of 17 per cent in the electric two-wheeler market in India.

The company has recently reached another milestone in sales, exceeding 100,000 within the Indian market.

The company plans to launch three Okinawa electric scooters every year and is also looking at the possibility of manufacturing E-Motorcycles within the near future.

Between January and November 2021, the company reported sales of 23,899 units, which increased by 329% Year on Year increase.

The company is expected to hold a huge 36 per cent market share as of now. The company offers a complete line of seven two-wheeler models such as,

Okinawa Electric Scooters Price In India

Okinawa Electric Scooter Price
Okinawa RidgeRs.64,797 – 70,935
Okinawa LiteRs.66,993
Okinawa DualRs.61,998 – 82,995
Okinawa R30Rs.61,998
Okinawa iPraise+Rs.1.05 Lakh
Okinawa PraiseProRs.79,845
Okinawa Okhi90Rs.1.21 Lakh

Bajaj Auto

bajaj chetak

Bajaj Auto Limited is an Indian multinational three-wheeler and two-wheeler manufacturing company.

The company is third largest manufacturer of motorcycles globally and second-largest manufacturer in India. This is an publicly traded company with a market capitalisation of 91,978 crores.

The company has reiterated its commitment to a greener environment; however, the transition to cleaner fuels also encompasses CNG and electric vehicles.

In January 2020, Bajaj launched the first scooter powered by electric, Bajaj Chetak, with two versions: Urbane and Premium. After the launch of electric vehicles, the company has been able to its 4% market share in electric two-wheelers.

According to the reports, Bajaj Auto has started testing an electric scooter, which is expected to be revealed soon.

Bajaj has set its price for the Chetak Urbane at 1 42,620 rupees, and the Premium version is priced at Rs. 1,44,000. The prices don’t contain the FAME II subsidy grant.

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter

Range90 Km
Battery Capacity3 kWh
Charging Time5 Hrs
Motor Power4 kW
Max Torque16 Nm
Top Speed90 Kmph
Pricce In IndiaRs 1.15 – 1.45 lakh

Ather Energy

Ather 450X E- Scooter

Ather Energy can be described as one of the Indian electronic scooter manufacturer which was founded in 2013.

The company currently offers one electric scooter model, Ather 450X. Ather has announced that it has stopped producing its Ather 450 Plus in India.

The Bangalore-based startup has been ranked 3rd on the top 25 EV OEMs. It is funded by Hero MotorCorp, which holds around 32% of the company’s startup.

Ather is estimated to have approximately 11percent market share in the electric two-wheelers industry. The company that makes smart e-scooters sold 14,152 units at the beginning of the year.

Alongside the expansion of its charging network that is fast, Ather Grid 2.0 Its OEM is also working on an electric scooter at a low cost which is expected to get more numbers.

Ather is rapidly adding charging stations to its expanding network every month, with a goal of 500 stations across India.

The company sold more than 2900 units during the fiscal year and only had 10% of the market in its first year of operation. Later in the year, it will open an additional manufacturing facility with 100,000 vehicles located in Hour, Tamil Nadu.

The company, expanding its reach, has announced some unique marketing plans, including exchange offers on scooters like other competitors such as Honda, TVS, etc.

The Ather 450X runs more efficient and generates higher power and more torque. It makes eight Bhp as well as 26 Nm torque. The Plus puts out 7 Bhp and 22 Nm of torque.

The company’s flagship scooter is loaded with features. The Ather 450 retails for Rs 1.5 lakh or one lakh rupees if the customer goes for the monthly battery subcription.

Ather Electric Scooter Price In India

Ather Electric ScooterPrice
Ather 450 Plus₹131,647
Ather 450X₹150,657

Ampere Electric

Ampere Electric

The next on the list is the oldest company in the sector next to Ather Energy – Ampere Vehicles, also based in Bengaluru. Ampere Electric is among the most prominent electric scooter manufacturers in India.

They offer a variety of electric scooters aimed to different kinds of customers. It was introduced in 2008 and was accompanied by three new models.

The company holds 14 per cent of the market share currently for the electric two-wheelers segment and has over 300 dealers across India.

Currently, the company has five electric models with different variants available in India, and the maximum speed of these scooters could vary between 25 km/h and 55 km/h.

These scooters come with a range of between 65 and 90 kilometres. Ampere Electric is expected to launch more models released in the coming days.

The company, founded in 2012 and has been run by women from the beginning, with nearly 30% of its workforce made up of women, is a constant presence in the Indian electronic mobility transition. The company sold around 2500 units in its financial year.

Ampere Electric Scooter Price List

Ampere Electric Scooter Price
Ampere Magnus₹ 65999 – ₹ 76800
Ampere Zeal₹ 65999 – ₹ 72500
Ampere V48₹ 37390
Ampere Reo₹ 43490 – ₹ 65999
Ampere Reo Elite₹ 42999 – ₹ 59990

TVS Motor Company Ltd.


TVS Motor Company Ltd is one of the largest two-wheelers manufacturers in India and one of the top ten manufacturers globally.

The company informed the stock exchanges about incorporating TVS Electric Mobility Limited. The new division of the company is geared towards developing electric vehicle technology.

To further expand its reach in the area, the company formed a partnership with BMW Motorrad to co-produce electric vehicles. TVS has entered into an agreement in partnership with Tata Power to set up electric charging infrastructure across the country.

TVS iQube is the first electric two-wheeler to be launched by the TVS company. The company holds around 2percent market share in the segment for electric two-wheelers.

The company has sold 307 units of its brand new electric scooter as of April 2021.

The TVS iQube is powered by three lithium-ion battery packs with a battery capacity of 2.25 kWh. The hub-mounted BLDC motor has a max power of 4.4kW and generates 140 Nm torque at the wheel, accelerating the scooter.

TVS iQube Electric Scooter

Range75 Km/charge
Battery Capacity2.25 kWh
Charging Time6 Hours
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Motor Power4.4 kW
Max Torque140 Nm
Top Speed78 Kmph
Price In IndiaRs. 1,07,938

Summing Up

The Electric Vehicle market is still at an evolutionary stage. This offers a great advantage for the investors since the EV will be there future of India’s automobile sector. This can be seen in the companies’ strategy to get into the market.

These are the top-leading Electric Scooter Manufacturers In India. You can choose among these to buy according to your need and preference.

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