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New Electric Scooter GST Rate [Updated]

The GST rate for electric vehicles will be reduced to 5% from 12%. This will promote green mobility solutions in India. The new tax structure will also help manufacturers and distributors offer more attractive prices for electric scooters.

In addition to lowering the GST rate, the government has also proposed to reduce the income tax rate on loan interest. Therefore, you can now buy an electrical scooter at a lower price. This is great news for electric scooter enthusiasts and buyers.

Electric Scooter GST Rate

The GST rate reduction on electric scooters is part of the government’s push towards electric vehicles and is expected to help EV startups compete. The new GST rates will also help other electric vehicles in India.

Hyundai Kona Electric will see its price come down by nearly Rs 1 lakh, thanks to the reduction in GST. Further, the new tax structure will encourage EV manufacturers to invest in the country and build more battery-powered vehicles.

The Good and Services Tax is a tax reform that shook up the economy. It removed a complex tax structure and lowered the overall cost of EVs. It also eliminated several exemptions for small businesses and new startups.

In the meantime, the new tax rates will increase the demand for electric vehicles. The government also announced a refundable portion of the purchase price for an electric vehicle. As a result, the new rates will give EV makers a competitive advantage.


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