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6 Best Electric Cycle Manufacturers In India

Electric Cycle Manufacturers In India

Electric Cycle Manufacturers In India: In the near future, electric cycle will become the most frequently used mode of transport, contributing to a gradual decrease in automotive pollution.

Since charging the electric bike will be 15 percent of the fuel price, it will surely help us lower the transport cost.

electric cycle manufacturers significantly contribute to Indian sustainable development, making for eco-friendly and smooth transport. There are different kinds of batteries are employed in electric bicycles.

The type of battery, electric bikes have different engines that can run at various speeds. When the battery has been exhausted, it is possible to charge the battery or change the battery that is charged.

If you are in the market for an electric cycle, then you are probably wondering which manufacturers in India produce them. There are many manufacturers in the country, but GoZero Mobility, Hero Lectro , and Autonix stand out from the crowd.

Here we will discuss the pros and cons of each electric cycle manufacturers in India. After all, the most important thing is the quality of their products, and we’ll talk about each of them in this article.


Autonix Electric Cycle Manufacturer In India
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The next-generation transportation system is here! Ride an Autonix Electric Bicycle and experience the thrill of speed and comfort in urban riding!

You can even charge your Autonix Electric Bicycle with a lithium-ion battery, making it a perfect option for urban riding. These electric cycles have a range of up to 65 km, and the batteries are made of lithium-ion.

Autonix is an electric cycle manufacturers in India with a range of different models. Its Easy electric cycle is small and foldable for urban use, and it’s made by 70% Indian workers.

The wheels are smaller, at 20 inches, than the standard adult bicycle wheels, so it takes up less space. It’s also lighter and easier to manoeuvre. Another model, the Go, features disc brakes and is more suitable for carrying two people.

Hero Lectro

Hero Lectro Electric Cycle Manufacturer In India

The Lectro electric cycle is redefining the concept of mobility in India. It glides like a scooter and requires no fuel, costing only four paise per kilometre.

The range features four riding modes, a 3-level LED display and anti-skid plastic pedals with reflectors. Whether you’re going to school or work, an electric bike can help you get there in style.

This electric bike weighs 37 pounds and has a maximum speed of 18 km/h. The cycle’s frame is made from light steel and features powerful disc brakes.

It also features a sleek handle that controls the steering, brakes, and light and is equipped with a horn. The battery itself can be charged in just three hours. These cycles have an IP67-rated security rating and can withstand heavy traffic.

Hero Lectro makes a range of different electric cycles. The company’s flagship model, the F6i, is the most expensive. The F6i has a cross-over MTB frame for off-road and on-road use.

It is also available with a removable battery and an impressive range of 60km. If you’re looking for an electric bike, it’s worth considering the features and the price range.

The Gozero Lectro Clix 26T, for example, is lightweight and comfortable. It has a top speed of 25 km/h and can be folded. It is made from aluminium alloy, which makes it durable and lightweight.

Its tires also provide good grip and balance. It is also equipped with LED lights for safety and convenience in low-light conditions.


E-TRIO Electric Cycle Manufacturer In India
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E-TRIO is among the very first Indian electrical vehicle conversion firms and is the first company with certified E-LCVs that are on the road.

E-TRIO’s vision is to offer affordable mobility and provide everyone with the best range of EVs. It is a three-way concept that drives change. E-TRIO makes two types of electric bicycles, ASHVA and iSWITCH.

ASHVA’s range is 80km per charge. It has a top speed of 25kmph Frame size 17″, and 26″ tire. The 18-ah Li-ion battery provides an extra-long range. ASHVA can be purchased for Rs. 37, 799.

iSWITCH offers maximum comfort, durability, and a range of up to 35km per charge. It can reach speeds of 25kmph and has a frame size of 17” by 26”. The Li-ion battery has 7.8 ah and can be purchased at Rs.32599.

Being Human

Being Human Electric Cycle Manufacturer In India
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Investing in a BEING HUMAN electric cycle is a great way to help the environment and get around your city. You don’t have to worry about the battery life or being able to take it upstairs and charge it.

In fact, the battery life is an indicator that will tell you how much charge your electric cycle is carrying, making it easy to choose which one to buy. You can find a Being Human dealer near you and try out their bike for free before you make a purchase.

The brand’s first electric cycles are available for sale at two price ranges, the base model costs Rs 40,000, and the top-spec BH27 costs around Rs. 57,000. BH27 has a range of 30km. The E-Cycle comes in four colours, with more to come.

The top-spec BH27 model costs more than Rs. 57,000, and there are more models planned for the future. Being Human’s electric bicycles are certified by ARAI and don’t require a license or registration to ride.

The company has spent over 1.5 years testing these bikes and has been able to perfect them for the Indian climate. The brand has received accolades for its eco-friendly products and ethos.

GoZero Mobility

GoZero Electric Cycle Manufacturer In India
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Launching its flagship ebikes in Mumbai and Delhi in March 2019, GoZero Mobility plans to target the North-Eastern region. While India is the world’s largest bicycle and two-wheeler market, the region is largely untapped.

The company will establish retail stores and distribution channels in these regions to tap this market. In the near future, it plans to expand its business and create more jobs in these regions.

In North-East India, GoZero Mobility focuses on creating more jobs for local residents through its electric cycle manufacturing business.

Within the next three years, the company plans to invest around 6.50 crore in the region to set up assembly facilities and create 100 jobs. GoZero Mobility has partnered with Kolkata-based Kirti Solar to launch its electric cycle in the region.

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To make its electric cycle more accessible, GoZero Mobility will be working closely with local delivery personnel to promote its electric cycles. The company is focusing on developing a futuristic product line that will fulfil unmet needs.

To date, GoZero Mobility has received funding from Kirti Solar and will begin manufacturing the bikes in Kolkata. The company plans to have an initial production capacity of 20,000 units per year.


Swagtron Electric Cycle Manufacturer In India
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Swagtron mobility manufactures hoverboards, electric cycle and scooters as well as E-bikes. It offers a vertically integrated model that caters to all aspects of the package, including design, product development, manufacturing, sales and logistics, as well as marketing.

There has four Swagtron cycle models available on marketplace: Swagcycle EB-5 and Swagcycle PRO. Swagtron Eb-7 as well as Swagtron the EB-12. The Swagtron E–Cycle price starts at Rs.394,490 to Rs.79990.

Swagtron EB-12 is a city electric cycle that has a real feel and is very cool. It comes with 700C*25mm tires and a removable battery. The maximum load capacity of the bike is 120kg, and the charging time is 4-5 hours.

It also comes with an Shimano 7-speed SIS gear. The product also comes with a 1-year door-to-door guarantee. The M.R.P. of the product is Rs. 79,990.

Final Words

Here we have tried to listed down the most popular and reliable electric cycle manufacturers in India.

Also there are numerous young companies, as well as established industry leaders, that will be able to get into the Electric Bicycle Manufacturers industry. This could lead towards a future green transportation system.

I hope that this article brought some interest to you and given you an insight into eco-friendly electric bicycles and makers.