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Top 6 Electric Car Conversion Companies In India

Electric Car Conversion Companies In India

Electric Car Conversion Companies In India: While India may be several laps away from becoming a fully electric country, its EV industry is booming. With its government’s EV policy, India is set to become more energy efficient in the near future.

Now a days, many companies are developing new electric car models, but the cost of buying an electric vehicle remains very expensive when compared to traditional petrol or diesel cars.

Whether you need an EV conversion kit or a complete retrofitted electric vehicle, many different options are to consider. Depending on your specific needs, converting your car will cost anywhere from a few thousand to more than five lakhs.

Electric cars can save approximately eighty-six million tonnes of net CO2 and 474 Mtoe.

By 2030, the country plans to have thirty percent of its road vehicles be electric. The government creates demand for electric vehicles by urging cities to install charging stations and technologies.

For those interested in purchasing an electric vehicle but unable to buy it due to the high price, companies now offer electronic car conversion kits to transform your car into an electric vehicle.

If you’re thinking about the best way to convert your car into electric power, continue reading to find out more.

What Is Retrofication?

In automobile technology, Retrofication involves replacing the combustion engine in a car and other components connected with batteries and making a fully-electric vehicle.

Advantages Of Retrofitting

  • The plug-in and hybrid electric vehicles can help energy conservation.
  • It contributes to preserving the damaged environment and noise pollution.
  • With zero emissions, it will aid in reducing CO2 emissions and harmful greenhouse gases.
  • After you switch to an electric vehicle, the total costs will lower than if to drive on diesel or petrol.

Top Electric Car Conversion Companies In India

Electric vehicles have several benefits. A converted car has an average range of 150 kms, while a new one will offer twice or triple that. A converted car will take twice as long to charge as a new vehicle and have a limited range.

The new vehicle will have more safety features than a converted one, and the range is almost twice as high. Whether you convert your car yourself or hire a professional, the process can be a rewarding experience.

However, it may increase the cost, range, and safety features. The government is implementing regulations to encourage electric vehicle conversions in Indian cities.

There are plenty of companies focusing on alternative fuel-powered cars. Let’s talk about Electric Car Conversion Companies In India.

EV West

One such company, EV West, is based in Mumbai, India. Their conversion kits are available for Hyundai Splendor models. This kit gives an average range of 151 km and comes with a regenerative controller, hub motor, and wrist throttle.

It also has a battery SoC, controller box, and wiring harness. It has a peak power output of 4 kW and 67 Nm of torque. The company has a state-approved franchise network that spans across India.

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The EV West factory in India can convert 120 cars per year. In addition to the luxury and sporty range of electric cars, they are also expanding into commercial vehicles. Although the EV conversion process is complex and requires advanced knowledge, it’s worth the cost.

A PHEV conversion requires a large battery pack and can cost 4 lakhs or more, and the installation process requires high-voltage cables and instrumentation.

Many electric cars are made from gasoline-powered vehicles, and it’s essential to take the car’s chassis into account before embarking on the project.

Another EV West conversion kit is a Volkswagen Super Beetle. This VW conversion kit is one of a kind. The e-Golf’s range is 201kms. The company plans to convert more classic cars, including Aston Martin DB-series.

The conversion kit is an investment in the future of your electric vehicle. You won’t regret it! With a bit of research, you’ll soon be driving a pure electric car with no emissions.


Rexnamo, an electric car conversion company in India, offers a wide range of retrofitted and fully customized kits for your vehicle. The prices of their kits range from Rs2,40,000 to Rs5,70,000, and the converted electric cars can travel up to 88 kmph and cover around 80 kms.

The company also offers retrofit kits for vintage cars, such as Honda City. The conversion kits are sold at Rs32,79,677, and the company claims that the car will be ready for the road in a week or two.

In India, Rexnamo offers several types of cars, including restored vintage cars. The range of the vehicle is around 130-160 km, and the company uses lithium batteries that produce 48V / 500W of electricity.

These cars are also equipped with automatic wipers, a Bluetooth speaker, and USB ports. Some models of these vehicles come with a built-in solar panel. Another popular model is the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R, which offers an impressive range of about 180km.

Loop Moto

Another company that offers retrofitting services for conventional vehicles is Loop Moto. They offer customized solutions for cars and claim a top speed of 80km/h.

Moreover, the company provides retrofitting services in Pan India. Depending on the type of vehicle, the price of a Loop Moto electric car conversion kit may range from Rs. 3 Lac to Rs. 5 Lakhs.

Electric Car Conversion


In 2017, the company launched a service to convert ICE vehicles to electric vehicles. These vehicles include Maruti Alto and Maruti Dzire. Etro works on all ICE models and has converted more than 200 cars in India so far.

The company has also converted Maruti Altos and Swift Dzires. Its process entails removing the engine, suspension assembly, and exhaust pipe from a car and installing a new battery pack and power electronics. They then test the vehicle and certify it as an electric vehicle.

The company offers both retrofitting and customized kits for existing cars. The cost depends on the type of vehicle, and the company also provides telematics services to track the health of the battery, cells, and car.

The conversion process takes approximately one week and costs up to Rs 5 lakh. The company’s Hyderabad startup facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and has converted over 100 ICE vehicles to electric.

Bharat Kits

If you’re in the market for an electric car, Bharat Kits is an excellent place to start. This Hyderabad-based company retrofits ICE vehicles into electric cars, and their kits include a lithium-ion battery, motor, traction controller, DC-DC converter, charging gun, and more.

Their kits also come with an ARAI-certified charger and controller, a battery charger, and a DC-DC converter.

Odyssee Electric Vehicles

The electric car conversion company is one of the few in India with a local presence. The company has five dealerships: two in Rajkot and one in Jamnagar and Morbi.

The company also has a showroom in Mulund, Mumbai. Its vehicles are certified and meet stringent safety and emission standards. You can buy one of these cars directly from the company’s website or contact the dealership near you to discuss the process.

The company has six dealerships in four states, with the largest concentrations in Maharashtra and Gujarat. The company hopes to have dealerships in 15 cities by March 2021 and ten more by the end of 2020.

Odysse EV has a background in eco-friendly products, and its vehicles are tested to ensure durability and reliability. They also offer a range of financing options, including a low-cost loan option.

Final words

There are several benefits to electric vehicle conversion, including a reduction in fuel bills and air quality. Many vehicles are unnecessarily outdated and emit pollutants.

Fuel costs are another deterrent to vehicle ownership in India, and converting your car to electric could be an excellent solution to many of these problems.

And because it’s cheaper to convert an old ICE vehicle than to replace it, the cost of fuel is lower than purchasing a new one.

Changing an existing vehicle’s engine isn’t illegal in India, but it will require you to obtain approval. These Electric Car Conversion Companies In India will give your car a budget friendly transformation.