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Top Electric Buses Manufacturers In India 2022

Buses are a significant part of the Indian transport system as it is the primary transport option for many people living in India. Switching ICE buses over to electric might be a great move for the Indian government towards a green future. There are few electric buses manufacturers in India.

Electric Buses Manufacturers In India

The e-buses are now being used as part of the transportation network of public transport in many major cities to decrease pollution and improve air quality.

One of India’s first buses powered by electricity was launched in 2014 in Bangalore and then expanded to other cities in the cosmopolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune.

Nowadays, electric buses operate not just in cities but also in small towns and semi-urban areas.


  • Government initiatives are accountable for an appropriate market to expand
  • Nickel-metallic-hydride (NMC) batteries are gaining immense popularity
  • BEBs to remain to witness higher incomes in the coming years
  • Northern states are sifting rapidly to eco-friendly electricity buses
  • Most demanded electric buses seen in South India

Why Electric Bus Is The New Buzz In Public Transport?

Transport is among the main contributors to pollution, and the public transportation money owed to 90 percent of transport. So moving to an eco-green mode of transportation is essential but not an alternative.

In addition, according to JBM Fiscal Auto’s Annual Report of Year 20, India’s bus utilization rate is lower than two buses per 1,000 residents and is projected to increase exponentially.

The introduction and manufacturing of (Hybrid and) electric Vehicles in India (FAME-India) Programs were launched as part of the National Mission for Electric Mobility in the year 2011 or The National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020, was released in 2013.

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The plan aims at encouraging the gradual introduction of affordable, reliable, efficient electrical and hybrid cars (xEV).

A phase II, FAME Scheme has been approved by the government with an outlay of the amount of Rs. 10,000 crore over a period of 3 years. Of the budgetary support, around 86% of the budget is allocated on Demand Incentive to increase demand for Electric Vehicles (xEVs) and Electric Bus Manufacturers in India.

In addition, the establishment of Charging Infrastructure will also be provided by the Scheme.

In this way, we are now witnessing battery, and electric buses in India, also called e-buses. They are particularly prevalent in towns and cities.

Top Electric Bus Manufacturers In India

It is expected that the Indian electronic bus industry is expected to be the fastest growing market due to central and state governments’ constant efforts to modernize public transportation. 

There are only a few electric buses manufacturers in India but the top ones are listed below.

List Of Top 7 Electric Bus Manufacturers In India

Company Model Name
JBM Auto LimitedJBM Ecolife
Tata Motors LimitedTata Ultra 9/9 AC
Ashok Leyland LimitedAshok Leyland Versa
Eicher Motors LimitedSkyline Pro
Olectra Greentech LimitedElectric Bus K9
BYD Company LimitedBYD K9
Deccan Auto LimitedSKYPARK Bus

Here are the electric buses manufacturers in India with their stunning e-bus Models. Let’s have a look.

JBM Auto Limited

This company is one of the largest electric buses manufacturers in india.

Their eco-friendly buses’ primary motto and purpose are to provide the most convenient, secure and reliable transportation throughout the country. The company also aims to decrease pollution and improve environmental friendliness.

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It does this by mixing fuel technology with performance and utility to reduce pollution and move toward green technology.


Battery TypeAdvance Chemistry Lithium-ion
Liquid-cooled Battery
No. of SeatsDriver Seat + 42

Tata Motors Limited

Tata Motors is the world’s largest manufacturer of automobiles. It has more than $35 billion of market capitalization. The company manufactures various vehicles such as cars military vehicles, trucks, buses and SUVs.

Additionally, the company has designed an environmentally-friendly bus, which aims to promote sustainability in the environment.

The bus’s launch is revolutionizing the electrical transportation system and aims to cut down on pollution and efficiently offer safety, facilities, and comfort for passengers.

At present, Tata is one of the most well-known and reputed electric bus manufacturers in India.


GVW10200 +/-300 kg
Seating Layout31+Driver seat
Range150 Kms
Max. Speed75 km/h
BatteryLi-Ion Battery
Battery Capacity124 kW-hr

Ashok Leyland Limited

Ashok Leyland is an Indian multinational well-known electric bus manufacturer among the country.

It was established in 1948 by Ashok Motors and was later changed to Ashok Leyland in 1955. Ashok Leyland makes commercial vehicles, automobiles, and engines.

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The company manufactures the well-known buses and trucks, light vehicles as well as large transport vehicles, power solutions.

Ashok Leyland introduced its first electric vehicle bus in the year 2016. Company claimed to be one of the top 10 manufacturing companies for commercial use worldwide in 2019.


EngineMagtec P144 “Zero Emission”
No. Of Seats44 + Driver Seat
Max Speed95km/h
Power200 HP
Max Torque600 Nm

Eicher Motors Limited

Eicher Motors e-bus

The Eicher Group is the most well-known and well-respected company in India. Eicher motor is an Indian automobile and vehicle manufacturer. They manufacture automobiles, commercial vehicles, and e vehicles.

The brand is well-known for its Royal Enfield two-wheelers. The company has recently launched the e-vehicle section. Eicher Trucks & Buses launched India’s first smart electric bus with zero-emission.

Their debut in the electric bus market, “Skyline Pro” is one of the most successful and well-running buses. This electric bus is powered by Revolo, an indigenous KPIT technology that enables electrification.

Skyline Pro E buses are certified to travel on Indian roads. The buses’ batteries have been tested for safety and passed the ‘nail penetration test.’ Eicher’s network will provide after-sales support and maintenance to operate the zero-emission buses.


Seating Capacity60
Max Power90 Bph @ 2600 rpm
Max Torque400 Nm
@1400-1600 rpm
0.8 unit/km
Length9 metre

Olectra Greentech Limited

In India, Olectra Greentech has been an innovator in developing electrical buses. It also contributed in the growth of India’s power distribution and transmission infrastructure.

Olectra Greentech Limited has a significant role in developing new technologies to protect the environment and the start of the new era of green technology.

As of now, the electric bus manufacturing company in India has created a vast assortment of electric buses to date and is among the most renowned companies.

Their K series buses are the most modern and well-known ones among their bus models operating in the Indian electric bus system.


GVM18000 kg
Seating Capacity39 + Driver
Max. Power180KW
Max. Torque800 Nm
Battery TypeLi-ion Phosphate
RangeUp to 300 km
Max Speed70kmph
Length12 m

BYD Company Limited

BYD, also called “Build Your Dreams,” is one of Shenzhen’s top electric vehicle manufacturers in India. It has its headquarters located in Chennai and New Delhi. Now they also offers electric mobility public transportation in India.

BYD electric buses operate in different cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Kerala. The BYD company’s goal is to cut carbon emissions and provide eco-friendly services.


Seat Capacity31+ driver seat
Battery TypeLithium-ion
Phosphate Battery
Charging Time4-5 hrs.

Deccan Auto Limited

It is the first automobile manufacturer based in Telangana. They manufactures electric vehicles, such as trucks and other industrial vehicles that are sold in India.

The factory is situated near the outskirts of Hyderabad. It is spread over twenty acres of land, and the plant can produce 3000 units a year and comply with all departmental requirements.

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The company focuses on various business ventures under the chairmanship of Ms. MSRV Prasad. The chairman, seeks to transform the company to produce sustainable and eco-friendly electric vehicles that are part of the India’s transportation infrastructure.


Length12 m
Battery2 X12V, 150Ah
Seat Capacity36 + Driver Seat

Final Words

In India, perhaps the government has some electronic bus manufacturer companies. However, it seems to be growing at an impressive rate over the time.

Electric buses are an effective way to be green and efficient in their ecosystem. We hope that this article will help you to get knowledge on the electric bus manufacturers in India.