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New BMW iX Flow Comes With Color-Changing Exterior

BMW iX Flow

The BMW iX Flow is a new type of sports car. Its body is made up of a specialized film that holds millions of colour capsules. These colour capsules are positively charged white ones, while the negatively charged ones are black.

Electrical signals change the colour of these capsules, and different patterns can be displayed. The car can even change colour on its own, depending on the signal received. For more information, please refer to the BMW iX Flow review.

Auto-Erasing Grille

The BMW iX Flow is set to arrive in dealerships before the end of the year, and one of its key features is an auto-erasing grille. Essentially, the front grille will automatically erase scratches and marks without the need for a human’s assistance.

It relies on polyurethane coating to protect the grille, which can be easily damaged by small bumps and scratches. But the grille is more than just a look. BMW engineers built a system that will repair minor scratches and other dents without any human intervention.

The kidney grille has been reinvented innovatively, serving as the interface between the driver and advanced driver assistance systems. The kidney grille incorporates radar and camera technologies into a transparent surface, and it also functions as a digital intelligence panel.

Moreover, the grille also contains heating elements and a cleaning system to keep the sensors clean. All of these features make the BMW iX Flow stand out among its segment rivals.

Colour-Changing Exterior

A new color-changing exterior is being tested by BMW, and the company is showing off a concept car that can change its colour from white to black. But for now, this car is only available in shades of white and grey.

The E Ink technology used by the company to create this new exterior uses microcapsules that contain both black and negatively-charged white pigments. These pigments are stimulated by an electrical field and collect on the car’s surface. This allows the car to change colour when the driver’s eyes detect the electrical field.

The color-changing exterior on the BMW iX Flow is the latest example of the company’s latest developments. BMW has already revealed its My Modes feature for the i4 sedan, and this technology will be the next step in that direction.

The company also hopes to offer color-changing exteriors on future production models. But until then, the technology is still in its developmental stages. So, we won’t know for sure when it will be available.


The BMW iX Flow’s exterior colour changes are the result of a process called electrophoretic colouring. The coating of the BMW iX Flow is made up of millions of microcapsules with positively and negatively charged white and black pigments.

The pigments accumulate when an electrical field is applied to the car’s surface, creating a visual effect that creates variations in the light.

The color-changing wrap is another innovation, with the BMW iX Flow utilizing the E Ink technology. This technology could be incorporated into future BMWs, allowing them to customize their looks and performance.

For example, the iX Flow’s wrap could change from white to black in hot weather and vice versa. This would help the vehicle absorb heat, reducing energy use by the heating system. This could help EVs maintain their range during colder weather.

Triangle Mesh Pattern

The unique design of the BMW iX Flow’s skin comes from a breakthrough technique developed by MIT students. It uses digital paper that contains many microcapsules of white, negatively charged pigments as well as positive charged black pigments.

BMW used this technology to create the triangle mesh pattern, moulded using a generative algorithm on a laser-cut plastic sheet. The concept car has the ability to change colour at the push of a button.

It is currently being designed to enhance its usability. It’s unclear whether the technology will be widely used in other vehicles in the near future.

Still, if the company is serious about the concept car, this might be an exciting development. The BMW iX Flow’s futuristic design and advanced technology will likely lead to even more innovative and stylish cars.