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2023 GMC Canyon Specs, Features, 3 Trim Levels

2023 GMC Canyon

2023 GMC Canyon: The GMC Canyon has been redesigned for the 2023 model year. It shares many of the same traits as the Chevrolet Colorado but is also more focused on off-roading. The new Canyon features a new turbocharged four-cylinder engine and enhanced off-road capabilities.

This great crossover will appeal to families and people who want a large vehicle. It will be manufactured at GM’s Wentzville plant located in Missouri. This plant also produces the second-gen Chevrolet Colorado.

The 2023 GMC Canyon will be in production in early 2023 and will be offered in several trim levels, including the base model, Denali, and AT4X Edition 1. Each trim has its unique features and amenities.

For example, the Denali trim adds wood accents and perforated leather upholstery. It also includes a 6.3-inch head-up display, a first for GMC.

Lastly, the AT4X trim will add a seven-speaker Bose audio system, leather upholstery contrasting with the exterior color, and a number of off-road controls. This model will also offer a powered moonroof, a first for the Canyon.

The new 2023 GMC Canyon is a big step up from the current model. It is a midsize truck that previously lagged behind the Chevy Colorado in its segment.

Still, it has been updated to give it a modern look and more technology than its predecessor. It also boasts a new off-road package and an optional 3-inch lift, similar to Colorado.


GMC Canyon interior

The dashboard on the 2023 GMC Canyon is an impressive improvement over the current model. The dash features a touchscreen and a digital instrument cluster.

The controls are also placed below the screen, close to the center console. The cabin space is also expected to be increased over the current model.

The 2023 GMC Canyon also features a more sophisticated interior. It is trimmed in Ceramic White and has a configurable 11.3-inch touchscreen. This screen is connected to the instrument cluster and takes cues from the Chevrolet Corvette.

The new Canyon also features a new audio entertainment system by Bose. Whether you are on the go or simply looking for a new ride, you’ll be satisfied with the 2023 GMC Canyon’s performance.

Another significant change is the new Canyon’s interior. The base model is equipped with a two-inch lift and a 3.5-inch widened track. The standard ground clearance of the Canyon is 9.6 inches.

The Canyon AT4X is also equipped with a one-inch lift. It also comes with a six-inch center touchscreen. The new Canyon will have a 33.3-degree approach angle and a 24.5-degree breakover angle.


GMC Canyon

The exterior of the 2023 GMC Canyon has been redesigned for an even more rugged appearance than the previous model. It features a new grille leading into a more rugged front bumper, and the headlights have been repositioned beneath the hood.

It also has larger fenders for a wider stance. The tailgate storage system has also been revamped with a lockable space.

The new styling is closer to the full-size Sierra 1500’s profile, while the front end features a C-shaped grille. The AT4X Edition 1 trim adds off-road accouterments, including a bull bar.

Technology Package

The technology package for the 2023 GMC Canyon brings a wide array of safety and convenience features to the compact SUV.

These include forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and front pedestrian braking.

The GMC Canyon also features a head-up display and an 11.3-inch touchscreen display. Both versions feature the latest GM infotainment software, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto connectivity.

In addition to these features, the Canyon also comes with a 360-degree camera system and waterproof underbody cameras. The AT4 trim also has a seven-speaker Bose audio system.

The 2023 GMC Canyon is powered by a turbocharged 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine. It has an eight-speed Hydra-Matic 8L80 automatic transmission. It also gets new drive modes, including Normal and Off-Road.

The Normal mode optimizes for daily driving, while Offroad is designed for general off-road driving. The Off-Road mode is geared towards low-speed off-roading, while Terrain is for heavy-duty hauling. Baja is a special off-road-focused mode for the Canyon AT4X.

GMC Canyon seating


The price of the 2023 GMC Canyon is still unknown, but the new pickup truck is expected to go on sale early next year.

Depending on the trim level, the AT4X edition of the truck is expected to start at around $60,000, and the base trim price will likely be in the low to the mid-six-digit range, around $37,000.

GMC Canyon Trim Levels

Base Trim: Elevation

The base model of the 2023 GMC Canyon has only one engine option. The turbocharged 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine produces 310 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque. 

The engine is mated with an eight-speed automatic transmission, which balances comfort and offroad performance. The base model comes with a crew cab. This model has a five-foot-two-inch bed and comes with standard 32-inch tires.

It also comes with a unique storage bin in the tailgate. The cabin is made of high-quality materials and offers an array of high-tech features. It also has an eight-inch digital instrument cluster.

The Elevation trim on the latest Canyon has a high sit and is more spacious than the previous version. The truck comes with a 2-inch factory lift and is 10 millimeters in length.

The front axle shifts forward 2.9 inches, giving this GMC truck an overall wheelbase of 3.1 inches more than the previous.

This trim level features 1640 pounds of payload, and towing capacity is 7.700 pounds. These numbers pertain to the base model of RWD.

New AT4X Edition 1 Trim

GMC Canyon

The AT4X Edition 1 for the 2023 GMC Canyon will bring an array of new features to the truck. These include two-tone red and black leather upholstery, an 11-inch fully digital instrument cluster, GMC’s head-up display, and a new seven-speaker Bose audio system.

Pricing for this new truck will start at $63,350 in the United States. It will be powered by a new 2.7L I4 L3B engine and an updated eight-speed automatic transmission.

The AT4X Edition 1 will bring the same powertrain found in the rest of the Canyon’s lineup. It will be mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission and produce 310 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque.

The AT4X Edition 1 model will be available in a short-bed crew cab build. It will also come with a tailgate trick.

The AT4X Edition 1 comes with a digital instrument cluster and a custom 11.3-inch touchscreen infotainment program. It also includes an integrated 30-inch Lumen LED light bar. A head-up display system and various off-road performance displays are also available.

The AT4X off-road package adds a factory 3.0-inch lift and 33-inch mud-terrain tires to unlock 10.7 inches of ground clearance.

The company also offers the Edition 1 package, which adds a number of features, including 17-inch bead-lock capable wheels. It’s similar to the Chevrolet Colorado’s ZR2 Desert Boss off-road equipment package.

Denali Trim

The new Denali trim of the 2023 GMC Canyon features an all-wheel-drive system and an upgraded turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The four-cylinder engine is rated at 310 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque and is standard on all Denali models.

The engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission and offers a balance of comfort and off-road capability. The 2023 GMC Canyon also features a new dashboard that features a touchscreen and a digital instrument cluster.

The dashboard is clean and flat, with controls placed beneath the touchscreen and at the bottom of the center console. This new design is expected to give the cabin a more luxurious feel than the previous model.